I Like Bras!

I like bras! I am a middle aged man! I like bras! I like looking at them! I like touching them! I like wearing them! I don't wear just any kind of bra! I only wear full figure bras! I Like Playtex bras, most! I wear a bra, everyday! I have a bra on, atleast 85% of everyday! I don't wear a bra with a cup smaller than a D cup! At the present time, I am wearing a Playtex, 40DD, full figure bra, with the cups filled! I seldom wear a bra, without filling the cups! I have some pics posted! Take a look!  I think that I look good wearing a bra!

manwithDDs manwithDDs
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Mmmm I too love Playtex bras mainly the 18 hour bras mostly the bigger sizes lots more soft material and the straps I wear one sometimes two at once everyday

I like the Playtex 18 hour bras.

I love the Playtex "Secrets" bras. They are so sexy and I love the way the undewire cups support my moobs. I wish I could wear a bra everyday without being ridiculed. Love everything about bras.