My Ode To Breaking The Set

this is a poem adressed too
the breaking the set crew
and to Abbey Especially
the front woman of humanity

Identifying undoubted wrongs
Governments playing ping pong
with peoples lives: Humanity
lot to answer for powers that be

sure Master Jesus greatful too
you and the rest of the crew
He was born in palestine
western religion so full of lies

look at the sick stuff happening
in the palestinian administration
keep on flying the flag
for those people, just so sad

I'v got lots of topics too
most, if not all are true
and should be aired quickly
tho all against the powers that be

what about free energy?
all the tessler technology?
water powered car from indy 55
i want that one to drive
machines to cause rain storms
there is an undisputed war

dark times in which we all live
going to get worse sure of it
please keep kicking the system
needs pushing from within

and your the next Glen Beck
tho they quickly took him off air
when he decided to talk too much
i sincerely hope you have better luck

happy christmas 2012
hope it won't be down hill
the age of aquarius coming soon
then free information will be a boon

peace love and light

Daz the Druid
41-45, M
Dec 5, 2012