The War Against Earth

I think war is going to kill us all, even the aggressors. If they do not stop junking up the air and water with war gook, we will all die of lack of oxygen linked to the poisoning of the earth. In addition to depleted uranium and many other toxic substances the wars emit, there is proof somewhere that they create the most CO2 as well. Where are the studies? Where are the results? It has to be true, since they do so much traveling, blowing things up, spilling oil and gasoline, causing oil fires set by those who would have us leave their country and their oil alone. They emit so many toxic poisons during war that they are now killing the planet at a rate we can barely conceive of, let alone stop.

Therefore, all military actions must stop. All military research must be abated. All military ways of life must be turned over to civil positions of aid, not destruction. This is so wrong on so many levels I can not begin to let out all of my emotions and thoughts about this war on earth.

Remember oxygen? That air you breathe? Well, there was an article I saw today that implicates mankind in the depletion of oxygen in the world's oceans, it is called hypoxia. Hypoxia is a condition in a column or area of water that creates a dead zone that has no oxygen. Scientists say it has been happening for a long time, but is accelerating, possibly due to global warming. If there ever was such a thing as global warming, it is caused by war. and every single explosion that is made kills us a little faster. (The Discovery channel could do themselves a favor too and stop talking out of both sides of their face when doing shows about the climate and simultaneously paying Myth Busters to create useless explosions!)

Explosions use up oxygen. If there is a depletion of oxygen on our planet in a much larger scale than now, we could all die. Of suffocation.

I am extrapolating my prediction from the evidence that the earth is changing at such a rapid rate we cannot keep track of it. How do we know what happens if rampant hypoxia creates large fish kills and changes the food chain? Some fish can swim away from the affected area, but slow moving bottom feeders might not make it. If large numbers of them are wiped out, the ocean bottom will become a waste soup. That would create a condition much like your dirty fish tank: toxic to fish and other life forms.

The earth is not infinite. It is finite. And it is getting smaller everyday. Not because of 'overpopulation', but because of 'overexploitation'. All wars are corporate wars, and we must stop the land grabbers who use military intervention to destroy people, as well as the planet. Please, do some research. Get your thinking cap on. It's time to make some huge changes, or we will kill the earth.

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Also, think about the depleted uranium in the air we're breathing. GACK!

As an add-on to this story, I want to add some links to some info about the killing of earth's blood, it's I have to say that I know war is not the only cause, but I think it is the biggest cause of pollution today. Our cars are nasty, yes, but the war mongers' machines are MUCH worse. Let's get real, the war machines only destroy so they can sell more machines, machines to clean up the mess, machines to take down whatever is in their way, machines to dig holes and extract earth's materials to build more machines with, there are the huge drills, like ravenous intravenous needles, sucking earth dry, and the machines grow exponentially larger in number every day...<br />
just to exploit the earth with. It's all so interwoven, that it is hard to distinguish sometimes the real perpetrators of these kinds of crimes against earth, but remember, small people cannot wage war, only large conglomerations of men with money can afford it. Who can afford it? Corporations.<br />
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Remember "The Lorax"!<br />
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PISCO studies marine communities along the west coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska.<br />
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*takes breath, thinks "Paying the monthly bill for the oxygen mask will be expensive"