Be Part Of New Bruce Springsteen's Documentary!

Dear Bruce Springsteen fans,

I work for RSA films and we are currently making a documentary film on Bruce Springsteen called Springsteen & I. In this group you're all huge fan of Bruce Springsteen so I was wondering if you might be interested in taking part in the documentary?
Springsteen & I is the ultimate collective filmmaking experience - for the people and by the people which will culminate in a unique feature music documentary, to be released in cinemas across the world in 2013. This is an amazing opportunity for you, the fans, to make a film about Bruce and what he means to you. We want your most personal insights, abstractions and reflections on how Bruce Springsteen and his music has affected your life.
We don’t need the video’s to be professionally shot; home camera’s and mobile phone cameras are just fine. If you don’t have access to these, don’t worry. Just email me your story and I will sort something out. We will be editing the footage so do not worry about cutting out the 'bad bits'- just be as creative as you can with a camera in telling your story and we will do the rest. Please show yourself in front of the camera and even in only three words describe what Springsteen means to you!

If you have a parent, a sibling, a neighbour or a colleague who has an interesting tale, we want to know about them also. Please spread the word!
More info:
Best wishes
Rahela Jagric (please inbox me for further questions)
rahelaj rahelaj
26-30, F
Jan 22, 2013