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I think my creative streak started around age 7 after receiving a Meccano set (I wrote a story about it elsewhere) and this tendency has mostly been fuelled by my various interests. Like most youngsters I enjoyed cartoons and at age 12 I built a simple projector that could throw a dim little picture on my bedroom wall with the "film", if you could call it that, running at a few frames per second.

A year or two later I decided to build a record cutter, once again a rather primitive affair but it provided me with many hours of fun and experimenting. Too bad I did not have a proper amplifier to give more power to the speaker driving the cutting needle, at any rate, along came CDs and digital audio and the desire to continue with this hobby eventually faded away.

More recently I worked much more with wood and also built a device to assist me in cutting wooden gears of various sizes. I did some programming in Visual Basic and used the program to communicate with a microcontroller. Never got around finishing up this particular application, at least it was good exercise as far as things like serial communication and flow control are concerned.

My current interest is free energy or perpetual motion. A subject many people, especially the scientific community, tend to avoid or scoff at. I have built a few contraptions and learned some valuable lessons along the way !
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Do you believe that Bessler's wheel really worked and it was no fake?
I learned at school that there is no such thing like a perpetuum mobile, that every pm stops some day. 
I was fascinated with them when I was a child but forget them till I met this Englishman.
This one fascinated me most but is it a perpetuum mobile?

Ricki, yes, although I was not there I think I can be pretty safe saying that Bessler had something very unique (even if it was only something that could somehow "draw" energy from the universe into his machine). John Collins was able to rescue Bessler's wheels from obscurity, if I may state it like that and I, for one, am very glad about that ! That picture is of a Newton's cradle. AFAIK it it supposed to illustrate that energy cannot be destroyed or created. (release 3 on one side, 3 flies off on the other side). Not a perpetuum mobile, it runs down after a while.

Yes, it runs down pretty fast but all pm's do this at some point so I wasn't sure.
That's what is so unique about Bessler's wheel.

Hi Ricki, yes, I do visit that website very regularly and it has been a great source of inspiration to me so far. I also used to scoff at the idea of free energy when I was younger, since I discovered the story of Bessler I had to change my views on that ! Nice day to you.

I have a friend in England who is obsessed with the idea to build this wheel.
Isn't it a shame that I live in Germany and had to be introduced to Bessler's wheel by an Englishman?

Have a nice day and a good start into the new week!

Thanks for the good wishes, Rickichicki! Yes, it is ironic that you live in Germany and that an Englishman informed you of Bessler's wheel, but nothing to be ashamed of. Physicists like to tell us it is impossible to create energy out of nothing. Anyway, my ancestors also came from the Friese area, north-east Netherlands, northwest Germany. Maybe it is part of our genetic makeup to try and make the impossible possible !

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