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My wife and I first came across "Bully Beatdown" while flipping through the channels when we were dating. We've been hooked on it ever since. This show takes the saying "Pick on someone your own size!" to a whole new level. For those who watch the show, you already know what I'm talking about. For those who don't it's like this.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller, an MMA fighter, will start the show by showing a video clip of the victim's story, as well as the identity of the bully. To make sure that he gets both sides of the story, he shows a clip of the bully as well. "Mayhem" would then find the bully and challenge him to fight one of his fighters, putting up $10,000 if he can last the whole fight through. Thinking that it'd be a walk in the park, the bully would accept the challenge, knowing that the money would go to the victim if they couldn't last.

Fast forward to the day of the fight. Before the fight, he'd introduce his victim(s) to their fighter, while making sure that the bully wouldn't back out, all the while trying to convince him to do so. Moments later, it's show time. First, the bully would be introduced. After a brief exchange of words between bully and victim, their opponent would be introduced. The fighters in question, could range from members of Strikeforce, while others have fought in, or still fight for, the UFC. Just before the fight would start, "Mayhem" would explain the rules via video clip. Round 1 was grappling only, with the focus on submission moves. The bully would start the round with $5,000, but for each time that he had to tap out, he'd lose $1.000. The second round was kickboxing. If the bully would quit, get knocked out, or the ref, "Big" John McCarthy, (the first head referee for UFC, as well as a retired LAPD officer) had to stop the fight, the bully would lose another $5,000. Long story short, the victim would not only get almost all the money, they would also get a heartfelt apology from the now reformed bully.

So far, one of my favorite fights, was when "Mayhem" himself took on one of the bullies, and made it look easy doing it. The other, was when they had their first ever fight between a female bully and female MMA fighter. What's even better, is seeing the bully get a taste of their own medicine, and how quickly they change as a result.
BLACKTIGER75 BLACKTIGER75 36-40, M Mar 25, 2012

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