Summer Scooter Bump

It was a lovely warm summer morning and I had to go into the village to get some things. So I picked up my keys and helmet, locked the door and wandered out to my old scooter. Its an old one, with several dents and scars where I've hit (or been hit by) things. It doesn't have an electric start, just a kickstart, which is a little tired, so I quite often bumpstart it instead of using the kickstart as it can be a lot quicker.

I wasn't in a rush today, but it was definitely going to be a bumpstart, I couldn't be bothered with all that jumping on the kickstart. So I put the keys in the ignition, put my helmet on and fastened it and pushed the scooter off its stand. I gently pushed the scooter out through the open gate and on to the road, its fairly flat here, but just around the corner it is a nice, long hill that I call "Start Hill". I carry on gently pushing the scooter until I'm at the top of Start HIll, then I jog six steps or so to get up a little speed, then jump on; a little wobble as I get sat comfortably and I'm rolling downhill, slowly getting faster. I put the clutch in, then select third gear, I switch the ignition on and wait for speed to build up to 15 - 20 mph, then I let the clutch out. There is a bump and a clunk and a chug as the engine starts to turn over, then brrRRROOOM! it starts!  My smile turns into a grin as I ride away - I just love bumpstarting my scooter!

When I get to the village, instead of parking in the short-stay car park, I park up a side street, at the top of a little hill. I switch the engine off, pull the scooter onto its stand and undo my helmet, placing it in the topbox.  I then walk off into the village, looking around various shops until I finish at the stores, where I buy my bread and milk, putting them into two bags before walking slowly back up the hill.

I get back to the scooter, take my helmet out of the topbox and put the shopping in its place.  I put my helmet on and fasten it, slipping the key into the ignition as I do so.  Now to start it - am I going to use the kickstart? - of course not!  If I was going to use it, I wouldn't have parked up this hill!  I get on the scooter and push it off its stand.  I have carefully parked it at the top of the hill, so after waiting for a car to pass I can just 'paddle' with my feet until the scooter is rolling fast enough for me to lift my feet and let it roll!  I smile as I feel the wind in my face and just the 'whiiish' of the tyres - no engine noise.  My smile turns into a grin as I repeat the bumpstart process I did earlier, the grin getting even broader as the engine lurches into life.  I ride home.
freedomandnovpl freedomandnovpl
31-35, F
Jan 21, 2013