Nothing Is More Soothing Than Candles Burning

I love to turn out all the lights and fire up every candle in my house. It is relaxing and soothing. I am particular about my candles as I want them to burn evenly and cleanly so I buy certain brands only.

But I have jar candles, votive, tea lights, pillars you name it I have them. I have sconces on the walls with candles in them and candles all over.

The fragrance is incredible of course but the nuance they give to the house is just amazing. I love taking a bath with tons of candles lit as well. It is more relaxing and I can really unwind then.

I am glad candles are so popular because I can find them many different places including some local people that make some incredible bees wax candles with amazing scent.

I think my favorite candles are probably Yankee Candles but I love the Slatkin & Co ones as well from Bath & Body. Party Lite candles are great but I haven't seen anyone who sells it lately since things like Scentcy came out and it is popular but it isn't a candle.

Maybe I will burn some tonight....hmmmm
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

How would you compare Yankee Candles to PartyLite Candles???

Whew........ :)

You mean you don't like candles? lol

Oh no! I mean that I love candles. That environment is a turn-on! I was saying that as like "oh wow".... :)

Aha! Now I got it! Yes the environment is excellent!