Smells Like Strawberries From Heaven..

I like scented candles. I don't have a favorite kind of fragrance, but the scent has to smell good. I remember a friend gave me a big candle jar for Christmas once; the smell of strawberries..WoW!! It lightened up the whole living room and the scent was so refreshing. I felt like I was surrounding by a strawberry patch of heaven. The candle lasted a long time too; the aroma of fresh fruit smelling so divine; strawberries..
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

That must of been really lovely as smell can take us to a place we never expected to go and makes us feel suddenly like the world is a wonderful place!

WoW!! You have a way with words...:) I remembered we had a some bad weather once. Electricity went out. I lit this scented candle which was given to me by a dear friend and they knew I liked strawberries. I was truly amazed how this one big scented candle can lighten up a room beautifully. The scent smelled sooooo good and

Great! we were in church once and lights went out in the whole City, it was pitch dark and people were starting to file out when the African people started to hum and then sing together and the harminizing was incredible! we all just sat there and I actually cried it was so beautiful. It was a lesson to me that when things go wrong or I'm scared, I too can sing!