Candles and Incense

I love burning candles and also incense.  The scents can take you away for a time.  Can you say:  AROMATHERAPY? Too bad it doesn't seem to last.  I find that once the scent's gone, so goes the mellow feeling with it.  At least most of the time.
silvermystics silvermystics
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5 Responses Jul 16, 2007

i like to burn candles and incense too. i also play soft music(no singing)and watch the flame dance like a carefree's very easy to fall asleep with the stuff burning so be careful.

I love to burn vanilla and lavender. They smell so well together and are very relaxing.

I love to burn candles also---have candles by the dozen-change the scent with the season---very relaxing-soothing-and oh so therapeutic---when I go to visit my aunt in Mass---Stockbridge is a stop--Yankee Candle shop---always have to check out the new scents---nice!

Ah, what a great idea! I actually thought about it some years ago. But never did really look into it. Now I have the Internet, I'm sure I could find directions and such for making it myself. Give me something to do besides the internet, too! :)

why not try making some of your own incense? I do and its most therapeutic as well as fragrant. :-)