Candles Are Fun

I like candles. They mellow out the scene, they look neat, they smell neat.

I had a bad experience with candles that my good friend Celery knows about. I had some candles burning on the bathroom counter once a few months back that I'd forgotten about and I came in, overly warm since this is Florida and I constantly feel like i'm in buried somewhere in Gerard Depardieu's jock. So I take my shirt off and toss it on the counter as I walk to the toilet to pee a bit. AHHHH FIRE!

So I throw my shirt in the sink and put it out. A few hours later I walk back in and take my undershirt off since I'm Depardieu'd to the point that I need a shower so i then throw my UNDERSHIRT onto the candles and start ANOTHER FIRE in the same spot. So now my apartment wants $230 for counter replacement haha.

Well, in closing... in a lot of ways candles are better than people. Candles smell good and hold fire. People can only do half of those things.


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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

haha. i'm glad this came up on random pagey cycle. i've read it before, but guess i didn't mention then how it made me haha-ha. and it made me haha-ha again just now too. double victory

"Sorry this is Florida. You have to travel to the mainland to get treatment for the mainland."

Haha. "Alright, I'll take the penicillin but what about my rest-of-me?"

I don't think that's what the doctor meant when he asked if you have a burning sensation upon urinating...

Now I get what you guys were talking about in my story! Eeek, I feel for you... Gerard Depardieu's jock is a pretty hot place to be.