Spiritual Connection!

Lighting a Candle................................

This really means something to me!!!!!!

Before i light a Candle i like everything to be just so and in my minds mind too...........

I like to be feeling very calm and relaxed and collect my thoughts,sometimes i like to listen to some nice relaxing music while my Candles are flickering and glowing.

Whenever i light a Candle i always have some one in mind just as i am about to light it,maybe a friend,maybe a Loved one but i especially like to light up in honor of  Loved ones that have gone before me as it  gives me a sense of connection with them.

When i am feeling tired and worn out at the end of the day,i like to soak in  a long hot bubbly bath,have a few candles all around the bath,put on some

music,close my eyes and relax,pure Heaven!

porsher porsher
46-50, F
4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

porsher you lit one for me remember it made me feel comforted thank you

Aww next time i light one i will think of you,take care and God bless AngelicSnowTears. xx

that's wonderful. i could sure use some one to light a candle for my heart condition and my nerves that i am having due to emotional abuse. i love candles too... hugs to you both across the miles

Bravo pamperurft,i couldn't agree with you more!