I use to date this girl, who's fantasy was to use a ******* on me. She bought me and wanted me to start wearing a plug, because she said that one day she was going to live her fantasy and didn't want to hurt me. We end up breaking up for other reasons, before anything ever happened. I just found the plug in my closet earlier today. Have never used it or one before, or even been been touched back there before. Have always been a little curious, and now I'm thinking of trying it tonight. Going to get on shower right now and think about maybe. Who knows, I'll see what happened.
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I wear one almost 24/7/365 as requested by my H and also a vaginal plug as well.

what's your plug's sizes ?

Did you every try it?

Yes. It hurt. But since then, I have done it a few more times, and does not hurt as much.

Cool.... Never tried the plug... So I was curious as to how it went :)

I'm a very happy butt plugged husband