I've done a lot of clothes shopping on eBay ever since I became a teenager. My parents gave my sister and I a fairly modest clothing allowance each month and we never really could buy anything from a store unless it was on sale or from an outlet. So my sis and I started buying clothing lots on eBay together, splitting them between us and anything we didn't want we either sold cheaply to our friends, resold on eBay or dropped them off at a thrift store. We scored some amazing clothes and this made our friends super jealous because we would have all of these nice slightly used designer dresses that we would wear to school.

A few of the highlights that I can remember:

A reproduction of Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's black dress which I gave to a friend after wearing it a few times.

Four beautiful Sass & Bide dresses for $100 which I wore until they fell apart. This was a total bargain as a new Sass & Bide dress goes for like $350 minimum. I'm a huge Sass & Bide fan and I think most of the dresses I own are made by them.

Three or four cocktail dresses for like $60 or something. My sis took two of them and we sold one to a friend of ours for $40.

My first super cute thong bikini! This came in this massive lot of clothing we got for $50 and I wrote a story of about this so you can read it if you want.

A heap of Roxy dresses, tops and skirts from this one girl who must have owned just about every single thing they ever made for $200.

I scored a heap of Calzedonia bikini's really cheap. They are stupidly expensive to buy from a shop (like $120+) and you can get them off eBay for maybe $20 - $30 if you look hard enough.

I also bought heaps of underwear and sleepwear as it's so much cheaper than getting it from VS or something.

Prada shoes!!!! My sis is obsessed with Prada shoes and she would spend so much getting boots and heels off eBay.
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Ebay is great to buy female clothing cheaper, but u have to watch the shipping it is usually high.
I get a lot of my clothes from women on Craigslist in the for sale section in my town. That way I can try it on before I buy.