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Yes I Do

I grew up with some one baking a  cake.My mom would bake a cake aleast twice a month.When we were little, during holidays and birthdays she would make special cakes. She would make any shape cake for tthe occasion. She'd cut the cakes into the desired shapes. Use food dye to match whatever she was making.Visiting my grandparents, there was always homemade cakes.During family reuions Mom,her sisters and her mom would bake cakes. When i got married my wife would bake cakes. She enjoyed cooking,until she became disabled.She still likes to bake with help.Our daughter likes to bake cakes, now.My favorite cake my wife made  for my birthday,a small one for me only,was yellow with chocolate icing.She mixed onions into the cake and icing. It was good and i still like it.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M May 21, 2011

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