Two Words: 3 Leches.

So yeah, I live in California and the place is overrun by Mexicans.  But they bring with them some delightful things, like tamales and chile rellenos and 3 leches cake.  If you haven't ever tried 3 leches cake, it's like, a really yummy kind of white cake, sitting in a puddle of (I'm assuming) some sort of milk concoction.  Yes, that's right - white cake in a puddle of sweet milk.  It's like, to die for.

I'm going to go get some right now from the Mexican store on the corner.

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1 Response Dec 2, 2006

Would love that recipe. It sound like it is a white cake sitting in a leche cream sauce.Just a guess; but I would say the sauce is made with pureed leche, a bit of milk cooked with an egg yolk or two.