Who Doesn't!

i think we all like cake, no matter what our taste buds favor. when it comes to cake, the possibilities are endless! there's really one for everybody. it'd be hard for me to find a cake i didn't like, but my very favorite is a classic vanilla cake with vanilla icing. my mom's is the best, with vanilla beans in the batter and the most perfect vanilla buttercream frosting. she likes to pipe pretty icing designs on top, so her cakes are beautiful as well as delicious. if she opened a bakery she'd make a fortune! :)

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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7 Responses Feb 13, 2009

she's the best! unfortunately i don't take after her there. when i'm making dinner, it's peanut butter and jelly or cereal, or a pizza delivery!

does sound good. i bet your moms a good cook!

here here, erica! i'm a fairly healthy eater as a rule, but when you want cake, you gotta go for the real thing! :)<br />
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i'm with you, caligirl, vanilla's my favorite for everything. ice cream, scented candles, perfume, cake of course...lol, i'm a vanilla addict! ;)

Sounds yummy... :-) Vanilla's my favorite... *hugs*

desserts are a treat, they aren't supposed to be healthy ;-P I figure you are better off having a piece of really good, proper, fattening cake every once in awhile, that trying to squash the cravings with "low fat" inferior products until you break down and have the good stuff.<br />
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PS Your Mum's cake sounds delicious!

oh yeah, that's the one downside! i try to save it for special occasions, that way it tastes even better AND i can button my jeans the next day! :)

Delicious! Not good for the waistline ... but i do partake.