Time To Go Camping!

It is time to go camping and get away from the city!  Time to leave the heat, noise, and smell.  My spirit is tired.  My soul, so far removed from nature, is desperate for renewal.  I'm ready for chilly nights not artificially created by an air conditioner.  I crave the morning call of birds,  the chatter of squirrels, and the plop of ripe pine cones on the forest floor.  I won't miss the roar of traffic punctuated by police and fire sirens.  I hope it rains enough to freshen the air but not so much I can't enjoy walking through fragrant, dripping trees.  I won't miss the hiss of sprinklers sustaining bits of heat-withered grass in trampled parks.  Instead I'll pad softly across a thick forest carpet spongy from years of accumulation, pausing to feel the cool shade, smell the pine, oak, and cedar, and hear the soft sighs of nature.  I won't mind bathing in a bowl of lukewarm water instead of  under a steaming shower.  My boots will be muddy, my hair will be styled in an untidy clip, and my nails will have dirt under them.  Ashes will dot my eggs like pepper at breakfast and the marshmallows will get charred no matter how carefully I cook over the fire.  I'll run out of ice, mustard, and patience with my husband unzipping the tent in the night.  My mind will make a slow, quiet journey to peace as I gaze into the dancing flames of the evening fire.  When finally I head home I'll look forward to a hot shower, certain I will need another camping trip before too long.
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1 Response Jun 28, 2010

I hear you on that one. City life can get boring after a while, and it's always a great idea for an adventure. I remember when I was younger, I would go hiking through the redwood forests in California. My favorite would have to be sitting in front of that fire eating marshmallow smores, followed by staring up at the star constellations.