Stormy Weather!!

When I was a teenager, my dad and brother decided they wanted to try to climb the highest peaks in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. I climbed the mountains in Arizona and New Mexico with them, but not Texas. We had gone camping at Guadalupe National Park in Texas, and early the next morning my dad and brother decided to head up the mountain. I didn't feel like climbing, so I said I'd watch the campsite (and read of course). I noticed some dark clouds several miles distant, and mentioned it to my dad, who said nothing would come of the clouds. I didn't believe him, but said nothing, keeping my own consel.

They headed up the mountain, and I sat around and read, keeping an eye on the clouds. ABout noon I made some noodles over the campfire, and began to get worried about the clouds, since it looked like the clouds were moving in fast, and looked very ominous to me.  After a short time, I began moving stuff into the tent, taking care to leave walkways to our sleeping areas, and had just finished when I saw lightening. It scared me a little, and I hoped my dad and brother had turned around. About 45 minutes later, the wind was picking up, and the clouds were darker and hung closer to the Earth when my dad and brother came strolling in. I excused myself to the bathroom, getting the feeling I wouldn't be able to later on. After I got done with the call of  nature, I was walking back when there was this GINORMOUS crack of thunder, which made me glad I'd just used the bathroom, heheh...
I ran back to the tent, and hurried to help my dad and brother put the rain fly on, and make sure the tent was good and staked down. We crawled in, and began waiting. The wind increased, and I could clearly see the outline of the lightening through the tent. I started singing to myself.
   Then the thunder increased in tempo and volume, and I started singing even louder, though I couldn't hear myself. The rain came down, and it came down in a torrent. I laid there shaking on the ground, singing all the while, and before I knew it, I was opening my eyes, it was morning, and everything was soaked, including the clothes in my suitcase.  I was not terribly happy about having to wear wet clothes, but at least I'd survived the storm. I swear, the wind was so bad that had the tent not been staked down, we would've blown away. I think that was the best camping trip ever!!
Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
31-35, F
Sep 7, 2012