Forced Womanhood & Feminized Husbands Magazines And More



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I love to dress as a woman, but when my wife helps me and makeup or combing, I melt with pleasure.

Can I subsricbe to this magazine? Is it a fotoshop illusion or does the mag actually exist?

These are so hot. I'd luv to be the covergurl

(sigh) if only!!!

wonder what a subscription would cost?

Fabulous. If only I could read the articles now :)

Are these real magazines? If so how can I read one?

My oh my, I have spent time looking for and threw a number of such magazines. Sadly the reality is that there is no way I can look anywhere close to as pretty as that. I have tried many times and the result is always the same. DIssapointment in the mirror, putting it all away internally for a while and then slowly the desire comes back and I try again, and so on and so on.

Thanks for the images though, they made me smile.

The truth is most of these started at an very early age or already looked feminin as men, the transition was probably easy inturns of looks, this is why I would favor making the transition while in thre teens yrs, case in point Miss Canada which now Miss Universe was a boy that transition in her early teen yrs.

This a true story: There is a jurisdict case where the wife got a cort order to oblige her husband now wife to change in females clothing as soon as sHE got home, the husband was back then a VP form a very big compgnie. She was wearing the pant and sHE was always in skirts and dresses because of the court order.

The is that he use to be violent when he was in his male clothing and that why this story came to be. he was transgender and didn't accept himself in male clothing.

That's the problem, you must practice to look cute, look for tutorials on youtube (makeup crossdressers)

My wife took me dress shopping yesterday so we could increase my wardrobe. She bought me a short tight black spandex dress, a magnificent blue with black lace push up bra to go with it and a lovely pink lace bra for me to wear with my pink nighties. She has bought me so much beautiful lingerie, panties, bras, and dresses that I know she enjoys feminizing me maybe even more than I like dressing up as a woman. She has recently been searching online for breast forms for me to wear so she can make me look even more like a woman. For me at least this really is real and I love it.

These are great

I wsih all the men I encountered look just like that, mmmmmthere just delightfully exquisite

I love these. But are they real? and is there real writing inside, or just cheap ****? (I know, that's a personal judgment. . .)

I don't know if these are **** as you say, but I know for sure that there is a real trend for women to feminize woMEN, and the more it goes the more women like me tend to prefer feminized woMEN, it all over the net. and with many real stories to some where reported by pretigise NEW PAPER (there net verssion)
Add to that that some panty hose maker have cease to produce panty hoses for women and are now producing them for woMEN instead.
It all starts with the style of clothing and the Image that these cloths projects from a woMEN. All so some are starting to experience "BEND OVER BOYFRIENDS" OR "PEGGING YOUR MAN"


I'd say if you what know the truth follow the $$$$$,
There to much to say on the matter but reversal seems to be invetable

It would be nice some day to become one of such beautiful women, a very good idea!

It's wold be nice if we women could just bring husbands to the doctor with an easy to get court order to force the hubby to become full female,
no more
1 - football games with beer in front of the tv.

2 - you all be more interested in looking beautiful and sexy like these girls all "en FEMME" & being sweet to impress us women.
3 - no more macho distastefule comments with a tone of superiority.
4 - so many more nice feminine activities.......wouldn't that be exquisite?

You know what annemarie, you must be very sceptical, maybe it is your bad experience but believe me when I tell you that not every man is the same like others are, by the way are you the same woman like those on these magazines?

This would be just fantastic. I would love to be made to do this

Are they really real?

I'm yours xx

love your posting - very creative idea.

I dont need the magazines. I need a woman or a man to do that to me PLEASE!

How can i convenes my wife to do that?

I have most of the old forced womanhood etc mags from centurion - I'm happy to share if anyone is interested

Can anybody advise a link to subscibe or read these mags?
Amazing images!

Ahhhh do wonderful!!! I would buy a lifetime subsc<x>ription to all of them!!!

Wow. Wish I could subscribe! Or better yet have my wife subscribe. :)

Those are awesome! The whole forced feminized thing really cranks my tractor!!

Do you have any old Centurions?

The perfect feMALES!!!!!!

These magazine covers are just gorgeous, the story of my married life!!! YAY!!!!

What a wonderful hobby you have. So imaginative!

Love the "little red dress"

WOW I wish these were on the shelves of every supermarket in America!

Loved those photos!this is my fetish...add me to see my albums, and maybe more....

WoW - I am soooo jealous !!!

Interesting . . . the only problem is, You are already very feminine without being forced. ;-)

I think they are fake

What wonderful magazines. Boys should all be feminized

This is absolutely great. Send more. Where can we get more magazines? This is truly right on the spot .