They Are Nice!

The only good gift in the world God gave us to have. I loved the pets I my past. Mind was an the greatest cat in the world and even though she was bitten in two well all but her spine was bitten by a pit bull. She was give 36 kitty piants of blood and a zillion stiches and my father paid for it. She was give two years to live and she was only two years old sniff. But she showed everyone by living to almost twenty years old. She was two months away from her 20th birthday and she was an outside cat her whole life. She was one tough cookie even though she could never purr again after the attack she still showed no fear by ever backing down from any dog even later in life.

As for Dog's I love large dogs. Ever sense my uncle woke up and squished my aunts little dog I came up with the one kick dog rule. If you mutt can be squished or kick and killed in one shot then that is not a Dog! Nope I had two dogs in my life. Gunther and Aseis. Gunther was a sheppard goldenretriver mix personalities for both bloodlines so if you know these types of dog then you know what a great mix that can be and was in this dog. Aseis was a Rotwilder I don't think I spelled that right but I trained him well and he enjoyed scoccer very much he never popped the ball and we would play for hours. He learned to kick the ball with any paw but he cheated seeing as there are no rules against running with the ball in your mouth.
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Jul 23, 2010