I like animals VERY VERY much X//{3 Well I really do I would be a vet but I'm really bad at the sciences >w< I know it's stupid to let that stop me but... O///O I don't wanna talk about this :,{3 I wanna talk about how much I love my 3 dogs-One splendid short-haired chihuahua, two loving long-haired chihuahuas. I greet them every morning give them lots of my affection because they deserve it so much ^w^ I adore my pets, but ALL animals are something to treasure because they love you regardless and they're all beautiful as is nature really OwO'. I mean my short-haired chihuahua (the oldest) is much more friendly than the other two. In fact my best friend doesn't really like my youngest a whole lot... Because
he never got used to her ^w^' But we call him 'forbidden fruit' and 'sweet and sour' but she does call him 'cute' and he only barks when people come to OUR house but he's not bad... It's a certain way they're raised, they need to have MUCH love and affection thrust upon them just like ANYBODY else in the world ^////^ I don't just think that way about dogs however, and I liked cat LONG before I liked dogs, but I never hated dogs I just never had a dog. I like cats I had very sweet cats and a TON of kittens ^w^' It was joyful and sorrowful because we experienced both raising kittens, giving them away, and even death And it was all heartbreaking >w< But I cherish the memories I have of them and with them just playing with them ^w^ They were all so adorable :///{3 And I really miss them terribly, but they left behind something irreplaceable in my heart and I will embrace that everyday :{3 I will ALWAYS love animals and will cherish all my dogs always because they are some of the good things in life ^//w//^
SquirrellyGal2493 SquirrellyGal2493
Aug 17, 2014