An Ode To Fur Angels

I grew up with dogs, but grew to love cats. My first kitten found us 8 years ago. Unfortunately she left us and the physical world 3 years ago. I like to call her and cats like her "Fur Angels".

Our cats are our family; the girl wakes me up every morning with nose nuzzels...the boy cat is our meowing snooze alarm if we aren't out of bed fast enough. Their dynamic is the typical annoyed big brother/bratty little sister. But they secretly snuggle together and really love each other.

The quirky little things they do that are so unique to their personalities is endearing. I love how they are aloof and of their own volition, but are snuggle pups nonetheless. When they chase each other up and down the cat tower I can't help but giggle.

Cats are meowesome! No kitten :)

brewcitychica brewcitychica
Apr 23, 2012