I guess I'm a momma

One of our cats had four kittens a little while back. One of them died at about two weeks old but the other three are healthy. But the momma cat died night before last, leaving three orphans that are five weeks old (at least they're old enough to start eating).
These circumstances have left me having to look after three balls of fur. I am giving them milk and feeding them soft cat food, keeping the grown cats away while they get their fill.
At least they're adorable. Two solid whites and a "Sylvester." I'm putting a couple of pictures of them in my albums.
I've never been a momma before now. lol
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1 Response Jun 5, 2012

Aww how cute. I love cats, but then I love all animals. The only thing is the poor little things will probably get attached to you so you probably wont be able to sell them, If you were going to. Im sorry to hear about mother cat though.

Did you see the pictures of them? They're the cutest kittens ever. :)

Yeah, I looked at them just now. I love the little black and white one- Hes so cute.:)