Nom Nom Head

I have a cat that does something very entertaining, but kinda weird. Yea, I know, that's all cats, but this is something I have to share.

Pretty much every day when I get out of the shower, one of my cats is standing outside the shower on the toilet or sink meowing loudly at me. She impatiently waits for me to dry off and wrap the towel around my shoulders. Sometimes she doesn't wait and just makes a leap at my head, taking gouges out of my skin while I shriek.

On those days that don't involve shrieking, she then spends the next ten minutes or so chewing on my hair, ears, glasses, beard, and whatever else happens to be wet. She'll happily ride around on my shoulders attacking my head as if it were catnip while I get dressed, check my email, make breakfast, or whatever. 

Strangeling Strangeling
Feb 17, 2009