I once had a Siamese Cat and I got him when he was a kitten, he was a great cat. He was always on my lap when I was sitting watching t.v. after I got home from work, and wherever I was Yoda was there. He was a beautiful cat all white with the dark ears and the bright blue eyes. One night I was working on a electrical plug behind the t.v. and I needed to get a new plug which I did not have at that time so I have to wait until the next day to replace the old one. So I thought if I left the wires wide apart it would be okay until the next day. So I sat down to watch t.v. and I didn't notice that Yoda was behind the t.v. the next thing I see is Yoda pancaked out with his mouth on the electrical wires it looked like you see on cartoons when they have their all their paws out and their fur standing on end and the tail straight out in the air. I rushed over to him and knocked him off the wires and I could have swore he was dead. I put him down on the floor and rub his chest and all his body. He finally came around and he never was the same. Yoda was always getting into something. One night in the den I was into a movie and not paying him any attention when I heard a sound behind me I didn't recognize sort of a choking sound. Well it was Yoda he was playing on his cat stand with a toy tied to a string and sure enough he had the string around his neck and was choking with just one paw just touching the floor but not enough to keep him from choking, so I ran over to him and saved him from choking to death. But he finally died of old age. I really liked that cat.
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I have a cat like that but if I touch him when he is angry he attacks me but I can understand that.