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Teasing The Eye Candy

I love having some naked eye candy around. What's even better is being able to tease the hell out of the eye candy, and having full control of what does or does not happen after the teasing. I know, I'm totally evil !
AddieBaby AddieBaby 26-30, F 15 Responses Jul 2, 2010

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Just put me under your control! You could start by adding me and commenting on my naked albums

Sounds delicious!

I would love this!

Good for you. We nm's appreciate women like you.

Wish we had more stories from women like you here. Browsing, it seems to be 90% from the male perspective. I think the power and teasing aspects are what makes it so hot. However, I don't think I ever want to be sub to a mistress or anything like that. Just pure fun of CF messin' with NM.<br />
<br />
Are women nervous to talk about such experiences, or is it more that the men on here are just making **** up? I honestly can't tell - maybe a bit of both.<br />
<br />
Enjoy your NM eye candy all you want!

Sounds to me like pure pleasure. Sure wish I was that naked eye candy performing for some beautiful fully clothed females.

I would love to be teased and controlled by you, sweetie!

Its the teasing that makes it so much fun being the 'NM'. Its not evil if both the CF and NM are enjoying it.

Totally evil. but we all seem to like it.!?!!

Makes Me Want Perform For Women Even More Love Cfnm.

Addie, you speak for lot of women, prude or not. Count me in.

That's why I enjoy massages and getting my privates waxed - I enjoy being naked around women who either don't mind or enjoy male nudity themselves. I only wish it was easier to tell the women who enjoy looking from those who don't.

I don't call that evil.<br />
<br />
I call that My plans for the weekend. (Weekdays too, for that matter.)<br />
<br />
Imagine the possibilities, AddieBaby, if we joined forces... ~mischievous little smile~

Yep, ...and fun!

Oh, I wouldn't call it evil. Sounds good, actually.