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Penis Fest/ Checking The Balls

During the recession i lost my job (but i got it back after 4 months as our company overcame recession) & got bored by sitting at home. So my friend who was having a clinic asked me to join her as nursing asst. I readily accepted as i was looking for an escape from boredom. She had 2 nurses.
Oneday she taught about penis and how to check testicles. I was really confused why she was teaching me those. Then she told that we were visiting a school to check the health of boys ranged between 14-16. Other clinics will be there but they got the smaller ones.
We got there. We had got about 150 students to check. My doc friend 1st checked all boys general health and passed each boys to one of us. We 3 were sitting behind full length vertical blinds. The boys would come & stand infront of the blind to any one of us who were free. The blinds were used to hide their faces from us so that they do n't feel ashamed. Then they had to stand closer to blind and open zip and move the blinds away and show their penis to us.
It was really funny. Some boys hesitated to show their penis. Some cried of shame. Some covered their with hands. These boys's penis were shrinked, because of shame. But some had problem with their hard *****. Some boys when opened zips the ***** were hard and they felt shame to show us that & they tried to make that soft. Also we required those to be soft to check them.
We had to move our hands softly over their testicle sack and testicles. And had to check the **** too. Some had a little bent. Most of them had n't removed their white layer under their foreskin. We removed it. Luckily noone had any major problems.
We got friends with one girl who was assigned to make us feel comfortable till the checking starts. After that she had to leave. But she told us her wish. She wanted to see ***** and she had n't seen one. So after so much pleading by her we allowed her. Because of blinds noone would see who all are inside with us. So there was no trouble.
Oh! You had to see her expressions when she saw ***** of different sizes and soft and hard and shapes(some had little bent). She then wanted to touch one. We allowed her to check one after we checked it. She was really excited..but we did n't took photos as we considered that unethical.
I got to see 175 penis that day and handled about 58 penis.
Whenever i hear penis i remember this.
Crazychrizzy Crazychrizzy 31-35, F 29 Responses Dec 15, 2010

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Made my penis hard!

love to be your friend then

nothing wrong with a bit of fringe benefit to your job

You can always check my profile pictures if you ever get bored!!I show my face and **** in all of them!! I could even post a HARD ON if you like!!!!

sounds like you had fun!

Perhaps we should all be examined in that fashion. Are you still doing this?

I got my job back, so i do not do that now. But she'll give a chance if i ask her.

"Most of them had n't removed their white la<x>yer under their foreskin."<br />
Victorian docs also typically found a white la<x>yer, and argued for doing away with the foreskin, because 120 years ago it was too embarrassing for parents and doctors to talk about the hygiene of that part of the body.<br />
I've seldom heard complaints about the white la<x>yer in men past school age.

nice story , pitty we didn't have this chek ups ;)

Go for a physical test, luck might favour you in getting that in hands of a woman in there. :-)

If it had been the other way around, with a male inspecting young girls fannies, there would have been an outcry, or he would have been called a pervert, and locked up.

We all had those medicals at school, we called it the cough and drop, but ours we'ernt behind curtains, we were naked in front of the nurses and doctors our next lesson no one did any work because we were all comparing stories.

Great experience , good for you.I had to face a lady examiner during my entrance to engineering college, n she even thrust two fingers under our balls n asked us to cough.checking for hernia<br />
We thoroughly enjoyed it , dunno abt her, she must have,too, these were all 17 yr *****.

Ditto to what nixxon said!

Its not all fun and glory, the most difficult part od the job when a child comes into the ER because he or she weren't restrained in a car seat, or have fallen or a shaken baby comes in in a coma. So reading this gave me a break to laugh at the funny parts of working in the med field,

That was my first and last experience of that kind, as i left that job after getting my job back.

That was my first and last experience of that kind, as i left that job after getting my job back.

well there goes your percentages lol You must have taken a long hard look at that I am sure lol seriously anyone who had studied human science knows that we are not that different accept fr some subtle differences.<br />
<br />
You must have had your hands full that day lol, I now I could go on but i won't lol I'm a 6 year premed so needless to say it becomes a day to day routine. The important thing is that we stand by our oath and preserve life.<br />
<br />
You wrote an interesting story

U r a Lucky guy

Happened to me when I was 11 Nurse would check us over we were just in our undies We would go in anytime during day ***** to underpants Nurse would make us walk over to them and then drop our undies and feel our penis and would cup our testicles and make us look up to ceiling and cough when I was in being examined another boy came in with his mother so I had one nurse holding my willy another looking on and a mother also in attendance How cool was that

Sounds like you had a great time. I don't remember this happening in my school, but I wouldn't have skipped out on it if it had.

Then please write that story.

loved that story!

Wow, did you repeat that experience? My wife has kept her RN license though she has moved to a high paying corporate job. Every so often, she volunteers for such events where just so happens she gets to see and touch lots of guys naked. I will have to write up the story, you inspired me.

But all boys were very shy and some were very unhappy.

Lovely story. I've had a full body check up for insurance purposes. It was a female doctor around 40 years old. I ended up totally naked after having my testicles and prostate checked. Fabulous!

Yes nudy.<br />
Winston, i feel that u should Go for an insurance. I've read some experiences here about full body checkup of men by doc's for insurance.

My friend had told another nurse to go along with them that day instead of me as i did n't had any experience in this. But luckily that nurse decided not to come day before this and i got the chance.

Ekho4tango then u would have had to wait for sometime to make it soft.

Where was your group when I was in school? No one checked us out! Guess they weren't as concerned for our health. I definitely would've been one of the ones who got hard for you.

Sorry.<br />
At 1st i've told 150. Its wrong its 180. 5 were absent that day (probably they would have wanted to escape from this) so got 175.