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In My Childhood

I was brought up hearing that boys do n't need dress at home when with parents. So i was naked at home when there was no relatives or outsiders.
Till i was 13, I used to wear a thong like dress when others came home as I had allegy towards boxers.
I had many younger & elder cousins. They usually came as a group with their parents. They always used to tease me for covering only penis & they use to embarrass me by commenting on my butt & spanking & pinching on them. I used to hide behind curtains.

My mom used to bathe me in backyard after i come home from school. At that time the neighbour woman & her 3 daughters used to talk with us. Just after finishing the bath without dressing up i used to rush to their home to play with them. I was n't shy to be naked with them as everyday they were seeing me naked. We played many games.
After i was 10 mom stopped bathing me in backyard & told me to wear that thong like dress while going to the girls. One of them was of my age & the others were 2 & 3yr elder than me.
Everyday when i went there they made me ***** to allow me play with them. We played casual games & sometimes they created games to make full use of my nude body, they had a game of spanking me, the girl whose spank will make more sound & causing less pain for me would be the winner. When i go home after that my mom always wondered why my butt was reddish? I did n't told her the reason as i loved playing with them.
Sometimes when hide-seek become boring they used to use me as the thing in which the catcher would have to place their hand after finding the hiding ones. it was my butt or my penis. Sometimes due to the pain their mom had to place ice packs for me. Their mom had lived in western country so her she did n't cared about these. They took some nude pics of mine when i was 12 & now when i go there they tease me showing them.
But as i was child i considered all these things as part game & not related to sex. now Am trying to get back those pics.
AnneTheSissy AnneTheSissy 22-25, M 9 Responses Jan 2, 2011

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That is a bit crule, I do like my *** spanked by my wife but she don't do it much

You mean the girls you used to play with are now spanking you? I know you are a home nudist. Are they spanking you at your home or their home?

I meant for my aunt and the girl's mom. And the girls spanked me on my birthday

Now They have started spanking me again.

Some months ago i learned from a relative that it was n't my allergy towards boxers reason for being naked but it was just because my parents want me to be so. I've written another story about it

What's the name of this additional story?

I wish we could see those pictures taken by your neighbors.

I asked them many times, but they do not show me and tease me by saying- 'do u want to see ur 1inch penis in it"

But i was embarrassed by the teasing of cousins.

Yes. Along with that i had allergy towards sour fruits, chocolates, some fishes, dust & humidity. But my parents find out a good doctor for me and when i reached 14 he succesfully irradiated my allergies.

Wow, some upbringing! I suspect in the UK you would have been taken into care if anyone had found out.

Incredible! Especially the bit about being allergic to wearing boxers.