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Cfnm At The Beach

A sunny day with a couple thousand people at a nude beach was exciting. It was my first day at a nude beach so I was walking around most of the
day with an erection.

At one time I'd passed by these two fully clothed women who were picnicking there on a blanket. A fully dressed man was with them. They waved to me and smiled and I said hi. They asked if they could take a picture, but I said, "no no no, I'm not into that" ... and they laughed and said, i'd misunderstood.
they meant would I take a picture of them.

OK ... I walked over to them and one took a camera from her bag. it was a
simple point and shoot digital that everyone knows how to work. But the
man said he'd show me how to use it. He was standing behind the two
women who were seated on the blanket, so I had to go close. The two women
stared at my hard on while he kept explaining things.

Finally, I stepped back and took the pix and handed the cam to one of them
and said, Ok. They said wait wait let's see if it's good. So while I stood very
close to them they stared at my d i c k while commenting on the pix and said
they wanted another.

This repeated a couple times, and it was obvious they had called me over
just for a closer look at me. the last time I stood close, the man took the
camera and the two girls started playing with my equipment. Wow, I
couldn't belive it.

They sat me down between them and the guy stood back kind of like
watching to see if the beach patrol was coming along. The two women
w ank ed me and suked me. i was about to explode. Then they wanted
to know if i would ja k o ff for them. Of course i wojuld. I couldn't help

Then they broke out the beer and we sat enjoying each other for awhile.
One of the women kept me h ard as we chatted. It was all i could do to
stay calm.

After awhile they wanted to know if i would w ank again, so i did and
after that the guy said it was time for them to go. Would I like to go
with them. I said no, i'd rather stay and enjoy the beach and people, so
they made no big deal of it, packed up and went to their car.

I've never figured out the whole story, but it was exciting moment for me
Impulsive1 Impulsive1 26-30, M 1 Response May 11, 2011

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