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At The Beach When I Was Thirteen

When I was about 13, my parents and their friends got together to get a house at the beach for the week, and luckily, they decided to bring me along too. My parent’s friends brought their nieces, one of which was a couple years older than me, and the other one a year older than her, so they were about fifteen and sixteen. As the kids in the house, we hung out some when our sponsors were talking, played cards, swam on the beach, things to occupy our time. One night, the adults went to dinner and left us in the house alone. The place had an outdoor shower that I had been dying to try out because I had limited experience being naked on the beach at this point. There was luckily a light beside it, so I could use it that night. I told the girls I was going to take a shower, and walked downstairs wearing just a towel, as the girls watched every move I made, and the older one had an evil grin on her face. I just about expected them to steal my towel and lock me out of the house naked, but went on with it anyway, even hanging the towel outside the stall to give them the opportunity. I reached out of the stall to grab the towel, almost disappointed that it was still there, dried off, and walked outside, with no sight of the girls on the porch. They were right where I left them, sitting on either side of the living room couch, just watching me. I walked by and spoke, and when my foot hit the first stair, the older one asked “What, you don’t want to watch the movie with us?” All while patting the vacant area between the two of them with that evil smile on her face.
“Well I was going to go get dressed and come back down, but if y’all would rather, I can stay like this…”
They said that my current outfit would do just fine, so I sat down between the two older, mischievous, attractive girls, wearing nothing but a towel. They each grabbed an arm and draped it over their shoulders, both snuggling closer to me. This, inevitably, caused the towel to rise a little bit. I could feel their smiles on my bare chest, and hoped that it wouldn’t get worse just sitting there. They then again moved in unison to wrap one of their arms around me, and one of them brushed my towel, I’m pretty sure on purpose, causing it to rise even more, and if one of the girls couldn’t see anything before, she definitely could now. I knew they knew what they were doing, so I decided to pull them closer and hold them tighter, then just sit back and see what they did next. After a few minutes, they got up at the same time, and said they’d be right back. So I was sitting in the living room, sporting a full erection, wearing nothing but a towel.
The girls came back in bikinis, which somehow made me even harder, which I wasn’t sure was possible. They snuggled back up, and sat for about five minutes before saying that they wanted to go swimming in the ocean, even though it was at night. I asked if I should go get my swimsuit, to which they looked at each other, then looked at me, and said, “No,” and walked out the door with a smile. I smiled and said ok. As one was locking the door, she said, “in fact, I don’t think you even need that towel, do you, sis?” “You’re right, it’s not like he’s going to swim in the towel, he might as well leave it here.”
Right as the younger sister said this; the older sister snatched the towel off, threw it inside, and locked the door. So now I was a completely naked, middle school boy with a full erection, which somehow found a way to get harder every time the wind blew, with two older, attractive high school girls staring at me. The girls of course found this hilarious, and started laughing, because I bent over to try to cover myself at first, then realized it did no good, and then even started to enjoy it, walking towards the beach and asked them if they were coming. We got to the beach, my erection leading the way. I asked them if they were going to join me in my state of dress, it felt wonderful. One smiled, grabbed my penis, and said, if you want us naked, get us that way yourself, and ran into the ocean. I followed them, and tried to get them naked too, but every time I got close, they would team up to keep their modesty. The most I saw was the beginning of an *** or a sideboob, but we had a lot of fun that night on the beach playing around. When we got back to the house, they locked me out of the house and said they wanted pictures. I eventually relented, and posed for them, before they decided I had done enough to come inside, after getting me as hard as I was earlier. I was instructed to stay naked while they got dressed again, and we continued to watch tv like that, though they became much more obvious throughout the night about touching me and teasing me. We hung out like that until the adults got back, when I had to scurry upstairs to get something on. Every night for the rest of our stay, as soon as the adults left us for any reason, I was told to ***** and we continued where we left off the night before.
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That story is great, most guys would love to have that happen to them, your the lucky one!

Sounds like some nuaghty girls, but still sounds like a great time, although it seems unfair that you were the only one baring it.<br />
Did they ever give up and let you ***** them in the ocean?

They never let me get them completely naked, but they would occasionally let me see something here and there, just not the whole picture, enough to tease me

Well you should of told them to stop teasing

"We got to the beach, my erection leading the way" Just like a divining rod :D

Laura, I think the girls' favorite part was watching my erection bounce up and down as I walked, and they would occasionally grab it and pull me along by it to make sure the 'divining rod' stayed that way

It must have been a silly sight :D

more stories would be great

The nights after that get increasingly more daring and graphic, and I wanted to see how this story went over first, but I can go back and write the stories of the other nights if you guys would like

nt60,<br />
<br />
Great story

And on the next night...? And the night after that....? Any more details?