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My 1st Cfnm Experience

My 1st CFNM experience was when I was 19.I was a punk/goth rocker,and I was hanging out with a 17 year old goth girl name "Dolly".When I was 15,she gave me my best ******* back then(she is still one of my favs,looking back at it!).She was cute,had a sexxy big Italian butt,but she was REALLY into getting sexual,and had a STRONG sexual presence.We messed around from time to time in my teen days,but one night,she called me up,and we went to the local goth/punk club.We hung out there for a few hours,then left in her car.At a red light,I made a move to kiss her,got a RAGING hard on,then proceeded to my house.I asked her to come in,not playing it too obvious.When we got in my room,we made out by my door,and in a very shaky breath,I asked,"do you wanna see me jack it?"I KNEW she would,but her sexy"SURE" she said,got my blood racing!We sat at the edge of my bed,I pulled down my pants to reveal a TWITCHY hard on.She grinned as I worked on my ****,I was moaning & breathing SO HARD!I wanted to *** on her,but she seemed like she wanted to see how much I would ***.After like 5 minutes jacking sitting down,I went to stand up & jacked it for like 3 more minutes where she rubbed my ***,softly said how hot it looked,then I said loud,"I am gonna ***",and shot like 8 LONG & THICK bolts of ***,that went an honest 3 feet every squirt on my carpet,making heavy dropping sounds,like loose change!My last squirt,her hand still rubbing my *** she said ,"WOW,THAT looked like it felt GOOD!!" MAN,I wish ALL my CFNM experiences were like that!! Dion99
Dion99 Dion99 31-35, M Oct 29, 2011

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