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Life Model - True Story

I used to live next door to an artist and sculptress in SW London and over time got to know her a little bit and one Christmas I was asked around for a festive drink. The evening wore on and the hostess, Lydia was getting more and more drunk and she kept saying to me that she thought that I would make a great model since she thought I had a cute bum, flat stomach etc. I was naturally flattered but kept trying to deflect her away but she kept on nagging me to promise that I would consider modelling for her in her studio. I said yes just to keep her quiet.

Unfortunately I do like a bit of **** and whilst I was away on holiday a dvd arrived that she took in from the postman. The packaging was damaged enough to be able to tell that it wasn't a dvd for kids. So, back from holidays Lydia is at my front door with my post and a wicked grin on her face, "does your girlfriend know about these dvd's you buy?" she asked. Blushing I said no and I could see a little smile come across her face and kind of guessed what was coming.

"I tell you what, if you agree to come and model for me then we'll say no more about the dvd - is that a deal?" I really had no option, my girlfriend at the time was new and I really fancied her and so the thought of her knowing about the dvd was a non starter. So, blackmailed as I was I said yes, hoping that it would never happen. It went quiet for few weeks but then a short note came through the letterbox, "Your presence is required tomorrow afternoon at 3pm for a life model session with the local ladies art group". My stomach dropped to the floor as the full extent of the likely implications sank in. I was going to be naked in front of not one, but a number of unspecified members of this art group.

To cut a long story short, I arrived next door and Lydia welcomed me with a large whisky and indicated that I should slip into the loo and take off my clothes and put on the robe that had been provided. Knocking on the door she asked if I was ready - heart leaping at the fright of it all I must have mumbled yes since she opened the door and motioned me out. We walked through the kitchen and down the garden to where her studio was set up. Upon entering I saw four women apart from Lydia, making five in total. Two of them were the same age as Lydia, in their early 40's whilst the other two were in there 20's.

Each of them were sat behind their work and Lydia motioned me towards a stool that had been set up in the middle of the room with each of the artists arranged in a circle around me. I sat on the stool with my dressing gown wrapped tightly around me taking furtive glances at the women surrounding me. After what seemed like an age Lydia said "OK Andrew, if you could just drop your robe and sit in a relaxed pose on the stool that would be great".

I let the robe fall from my shoulders and drop to the floor and felt the collective eyes stare at my naked body from all around me. I was so embarrassed that I could hardly steel my gaze from the floor, but when I did my eyes set on one of the older women (I think she was called Sarah), and for a brief second our gazes locked before her eyes scanned my naked body and she picked up her charcoals and pencils and began to sketch me.

The thought of so many women looking intently at my body at the obvious effect you can imagine and before long I could feel the blood beginning to seep into my **** as it began its lazy ascent into almost a full erection. Sitting on the stool naked in front of strangers I did my best to think of anything that would reduce the swelling - anything!

Only the women in front of me could see my acute embarrassment and one of the the younger women began to giggle and put her hand to her mouth while Sarah just seemed annoyed.

"Don't worry Andrew, Lydia said, it happens a lot" at which point one of the younger women began to laugh out loud since she couldn't control herself anymore. Sarah told her to be quiet and said that the group either just got on with things and had to wait until nature took it's course and things "returned to normal", or there were ways and means that meant that they did not waste more of their time. By now my **** was erect and so hard that I could feel the blood pumping in my ears - as was my heartbeat. I simply sat there with my legs crossed looking anywhere but at these women.

They began talking as if I wasn't there with Lydia and Sarah leading the discussion on what to do. They decided that they would seek a volunteer to help me out with "my problem" but no-one came forward. An apologetic Lydia came over to me and looking down at my hard **** asked what were we going to do. I shrugged apologetically and smiled weakly at her whilst she took my hand and guided it towards my own ****. "I think it would be better if Andrew helped himself here, don't you ladies?" A gentle seal of approval went round the room as Lydia wrapped my hand around my own shaft and gently began to ease my fist up and down it  She was standing in front of me gazing into my eyes with a slight smile playing across her lips.all the time I could feel her hot hands over mine, helping me to **** myself off in front of these women each of then now intently staring not at me but at my **** head as it moved in and out of view as Lydia coaxed me to rub my shaft harder and harder.

Suddenly I felt someone behind me and I felt other hands reaching around to cup my balls, Lydia moved aside as the woman from behind reached for my shaft and began to **** me off with her right hand whilst cupping my balls in her left. I could feel her breasts pressing hard against me from behind as she eased her hips forwards to rub against my buttocks, all the time stroking my hard ****.

The women by now had all crowded around in front of me - save one - the girl with the glasses and long brown hair who wanking me off from behind. They were all giggling and laughing amongst themselves by now with a lot of nudging and laughing taking place.  I didn't know where to look as I stood there naked and hard and as my eyes swept around the ceiling, the walls and then into the faces of these women I could see that they were all staring intently at my ****.  One of the older women moved towards me, her glasses half way down her nose so she could inspect me.  She turned to the rest to say that it had been a long time since she had seen an aroused man and did they think I would mind if she touched me.  Laughing one of them said, "No, he'd love it by the look on his face!"  

Kneeling in front of me she ran her hands up the outside, then the inside of my thighs making the hairs on my leg stand up.  The girl behind me let my **** go so that it sprang to attention in front of this woman.  I stared down at her and, although she was probably twice my age I could see that she would have been very pretty when younger and was still attractive now especially with her glasses lodged halfway down her nose whilst she looked over the top of them at me.  She reached out to gently touch the tip of my **** which gave an involuntary twitch before running her fingers down the underside of my **** until she cupped my balls in her hand, gently caressing them and smiling to herself.   She ran her fingers back up my shaft, easing back my foreskin as far as it would go, running her fingers gently around the tip of my glans as a small drop of pre-*** oozed from me.  Gently she lubricated the sticky fluid into my glans, all the time staring intently at my ****.  She was so close that I could feel her hot breath on me as she worked her magic.

As she began to **** me off I watched as my foreskin moved smoothly over my glans backwards and forwards with her smooth measured strokes.  Turning to the women I think for encouragement, she then turned back to me and I gasped as she took my **** head into her hot mouth, her teeth running back to catch my glans before running her tongue over and around my head, turning sideways now to allow her friends to watch the show as my **** slipped in and out of her mouth.  I watched intently as her head bobbed gently up and down as I could feel her tongue running up the underside of my shaft, swirling around the tip before allowing my **** to slip almost to the back of her throat.

Of course I came within seconds, the woman expertly removing her lips from my **** just in time for her to **** me off so that a hot stream of ***** spurted out of my **** to the great delight of the women, especially when they saw that some had splashed across my new friend's glasses.  Embarrassed by that? You bet !
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You lucky devil, I have done life modelling and never had an experience like this :(

Something I've always wanted to do, but don't have the physique that I did years

Great story! I've actually been considering trying life modeling. My research thus far though has led me to naively believe that things like that don't happen. In any of you guys' experiences, would you say this is common or next to never?

A very nice introduction to nude modeling for female artists.