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Forced By Aunt Jean

I was 15 and I had been staying with Aunt Jean because of my mother's hospitalisation - likely to last several months - and we were reaching the end of the first week. It was 1959. My new school had been a minor problem, because of my lack of school uniform, and Aunt Jean had told me that Suturday afternon was to be reserved for clothes shopping. I would need almost a complete set of new clothes including some sports kit.
Saturday afternoon arrived and so did Aunt's friend Mrs Hooper and to my surprise her daughter, Valerie. Mrs Hooper had been recruited to give advice and it seemed that Valerie needed a few itmes of clothing too. Valerie was a year older than me, with long dark hair, was slim, with a smallish bust and was quite attractive.   Mrs Hooper looked very much like her daughter, but with much shorter hair, and of course much older.
We set off together for the shops and after what to me was a boring afternoon, lightened only by the presence of Valerie, we returned home loaded down with bags of clothing.   Of course nothing could be done without the obligatory cup of tea and when that ritual was dealt with we all assembled in the lounge.

"It's time to try on your new clothes, Nick so we can return any that don't fit."   Of course some had been tried on in the shops, but there was still time for a quick visit back to the shops if needed.
First was the jacket - no problem. Then came the trousers.   "Of with your trousers, Nick."   I protested that there were two other females present, but with a stern warning look from my Aunt I turned my back on the visitors and lowered my trousers and tried on the new ones.   Valerie's face brightened up as I did so and she seemed to be taking more interest in proceedings than before.   They were checked over by all present and declared a successful purchase. I reached for the trousers I had been wearing, but my Aunt stopped me and told me not to bother.    " Take off your shirt, Nick"    This was going to leave me wearing only my underpants, and again I questioned as politely as I could whether this was proper with our female guests.    Aunt insisted and I complied. Three shirts were tried and found to be OK. The third one was removed and I stood wearing only my Y-fronts.
Mrs Hooper, to my surprise, then told Valerie to remove her blouse.    She also protested, but was told in no uncertain terms that I had done it so there was no reason for her not to.    Within a few seconds she was standing before us showing her bra.   It was a fairly conventional thing and didn't show much more than a little cleavage over the top of it, but the sight of that improved my mood.    It was my turn for my eyes to light up.
A new blouse was tried on, approved, and then taken off.    Valerie was then told she was to try on her new skirt, and my eyes widened as she had a minor temper tantrum, which subsided when my Aunt mentioned the idea of spanking.    In seconds my new friend was standing wearing only her underwear. It was not just my eyes that widened.   The front of my pants also stretched a little as I began to become aroused.    I don't think anyone noticed at that point, as Valerie was the focus of attention.    She certainly was the center of mine.
The new skirt was tried and also approved, and removed.    Whilst this had been happening, my Aunt had found a few more bags and I saw that from one of them she had drawn a pair of underpants. I feared the worst.
And the worst happened. "Off with those pants, Nick."
I was to be naked except for my footwear, in front of a 16 year old girl and her mother, who I had only met a couple of hours before.   I looked at my Aunt in an appealing way, but she just said "Get on with it."
So I did.
Inevitably my penis had grown even more and though it wasn't erect it was surely heading that way..    Mrs Hooper looked and smiled, Valerie just gasped quietly and stared open mouthed.
I very quickly grasped the proffered pants and pulled them on hiding my swelling ****.   I was asked to turn this way and that so they could be inspected and approved.
"Right, they'll do, take them off!"
I was naked again.
This time a football shirt was offered and I put it on. It didn't come down far enough to cover my genitals so the assembly had another few minutes to watch my growing erection.   The shirt had to be removed and football shorts were offered, gratefully donned and I breathed for a while knowing my **** was hidden.      Hidden from direct view that is.     The profile of my erection was clear in the tented front of the shorts even though they were black.
"OK only one more thing - take the shorts off Nick."
I removed them to find that my **** was as big as it gets and was starting to throb rather.    It ws obvious to all, not just me, that I was very aroused.
Aunt Jean passed me an athletic supprt (Jock Strap), saying, "You're getting to be a big boy now, I think you'll need this to keep all your bits under control."
Mrs Hooper sniggered at this and said, "I can see one of his bits that certainly isn't under control."    Valerie was giggling ervously too.
I struggled to get the Jock Strap on and fit all my bits inside..   Aunt Jean was losing patience, and snapped at me - get it off, it'll do."
So back to being naked with an erection.
Valerie giggled even more.   Mrs Hooper said, "It does seem to be a problem Jean."
After a few seconds thought, Aunt Jean said, "Well Nick does have a way of dealing with it don't you Nick?"
After a few seconds thought, Mrs Hoper asked, "What would that be?"
Aunt Jean replied, "Nick knows what I'm talking about."
I did.   Aunt carried on, "Go on then - deal with the problem."
I looked at her questioningly and then at both Mrs Hooper and Valerie, and back to Aunt Jean.
Aunt carried on ,"It may well be educational for Valerie to watch this.   Go on Nick, deal with it."
She wanted me to **********.    To ***.   To get my **** to subside.
"Go on."     I took myself in hand and began to stroke.    A droplet of precum formed at the tip.    I ignored it and carried on stroking.    Valerie had a hand across her open mouth and her eyes were as wide as I'd ever seen anyone's eyes.
I stroked and throbbed.
I could hear Mrs Hooper's breathing rate increase as did mine.    And the stroking rate increased as well.     I was now pounding my meat, as they say.    Finally I gasped and came, shooting my ***  across the floor.   One, two then a weak third string of ***.   The rest just dribbled down the back of my hand.
Valerie managed to utter, "Oh my God."
Mrs Hooper, "Well, well well.     That's a sight to behold.    Perhaps we should be going now .   Valerie, put your clothes back on, we'll be going.     I'll pop in to see you tomorrow."
Withing a few minutes the house was empty except for Aunt Jean and I.    Handing me trousers to put on she simply said, "Thank you.    You meal will be ready in about 30 minutes.     Put your new clothes away."
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Really well described - well done. Such a sexy scenario.

very exciting, thank you

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