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Naked With My Wife And Her Friends

My wonderful wife has been teasing me since I met her and since we were married has kept me locked in chastity devices. Understandably this has always kept me frustrated and needy. So much so that my wife decided to bet that I couldn't go a week without nagging her about release. Suffice to say I lost the bet and to my surprise the foregut was that I lost my clothing privileges at home. So for the last week I've been dressing in the garage and have been naked with the exception of some fluffy bunny slippers and my cb2000 **** cage.

For most of the week this has been a lot of fun especially snuggling up on the sofa with her. However lat night as she often she had her best friends over. I had thought that I would get a reprieve from my nudity but she let me know mid afternoon while I was at work that I would still be expected to be naked.

I was incredibly nervous and a little upset but when I got home she was so reassuring and loving that I forgot my objections and I found myself cooking for her and her friends. The evening was a great success and I got teased mercilessly including lots of pinching and playful spanks of my backside and trying to make my cage twitch.

As the finale my wife decided to demonstrate how to milk a short cocked sissy. I was told to bend over as she snapped on a pair of gloves and lubed my backside and massaged my prostate with a ***** until I was milked out through the cage. My final humiliation was having to turn back to my wife's friends and drink the contents of the glass.

And I'm going to be naked until march.
afsan afsan 22-25 3 Responses Feb 11, 2012

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nice..... would luv to know ur experience in details....

This is one of my fantasies! Thanks for sharing.

You are going to be seeing alot of her friends. I mean your wife's friends will be seeing alot of you, once the word gets out you cook dinner.