Caught Sunbathing

My best CFNM experience was one Saturday my wife had gone shopping with friends and I decided to do some nude sunbathing in our secluded back garden which no one overlooks. I was lying naked on the lounger, half asleep, when sudden I heard a female voice "Excuse me, we're doing a survey, have you time to answer some questions." I looked up and standing looking down at me were two very attractive young women. Before I could say anything, they apologised for the intrusion but said our neighbours had said someone was in and that were were probably in the back garden, they should just go round. They were smiling and didn't seem to be put of by my nudity and I could see each glance at my exposed manhood. I agreed to answer their boring questions. They both sat down on the empty lounger right beside me and ticked boxes and wrote notes. I had the CFNM pleasure of 15min with two stunning twenty somethings. Then they thanked me, said I could get back to my sunbathing and left.

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my girl recently was approached by door to door religious folks when she went to get the mail from the box at the end of our driveway. She told them she was not interested and not to approach our house ever again. About a month later, on a week day the neighborhood was flooded by door to door folks walking the neighborhood again. I had just got out of the shower and heard two females talking. I looked out the window and they were just outside the window slowly walking towards my porch. I recalled my girls discussion with the religious folks and thought these could not be the same group, already, just a month later.
I then noticed the book in one girls arms said Bible across the binding. They were dressed in their 'Sunday best' and about to knock on my door.
I was so tempted to go answer the door while still naked. They must have rung the bell 4 or 5 times when I decided they needed to learn not to knock on our door. My girl would have laid into them and called them every name in the 4 letter book, if she were home. As I approached the door I saw from my dinning room window a group of men waiting for them to return to the street after talking with whomever answered the door. I decided to no answer the door. I was still naked and not a stitch to cover up with at that point. I did not want to risk it, even if it was to make a point.
I do, however wish I was in your place, naked in the garden with 2 clothed females sitting inches away asking their questions.

I read your post last night and this morning (Sunday) the door bell rang. I looked out the window and saw two women, dressed very formally, at my door. I knew immediately where they were from and thought of your story. I decided there and then to open the door dressed in my favourite outfit, my birthday suit. I wish I had thought to have my camera with me. As I opened the door both ladies were smiling and they were about to launch into their well prepared speech when the sight of a naked male with a semi erect **** turned their smiles into expressions of utter shock. They were speechless and retreated rapidly. The only part I regret is that they had a young girl, I estimate about 10 years old, with them. I had not seen her when I looked from the window. I apologise for that but I think they have made a note not to approach my house again!

These chance encounters are priceless. you could have spent hours/days trying to set something up without success, yet whamo! there it is without even trying.

30Something I don't think you are dumb (despite being a blonde), you have not yet been educated in the meaning of CFNM.

I always say I will never use the "dumb blond" cliche, beacause then I would be saying that a number of my former girlfriends were dumb to date me.... and I would never say that.

I think you should have done your own survey of the girls.... asking them if they enjoyed themselves and would they want to have repeat occasions with some thier girlfriends also present.

30somethin -- it stands for Clothed Female, Nude Male.

That is great!!!!

Love to read what they wrote.


Please tell a dumb broad.... what is Cfnm?

By god,you lucky guy.I will be very very happy to do the interview.

This is a really cockstanding story.

Outstanding. I would be more than happy to take their survey.