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My Brother And Me Often Got Spanked Naked By Our Mother And Sister

When I was thirteen and my older brother fifteen, we were bad boys. We harassed girls, bullied our sister, always had trouble with our teachers, sometimes even with the police, stole, fought with other boys- the full program. Our mother Nicole, who was a single mother, was annoyed by our behavior but had no idea how to deal with us. That changed completely one day when we spent our holidays with two friends of my mother and their children.

There was a woman named Angela who had three girls, two of them were there, and a boy, who was also with us. The boy, Jean, was totally different from us, well behaved, obeying his mother, polite and courteous and one day my mother found out, why this was so.

Angela spanked her son frequently. He had to get naked, bring her the cane and bent over, all in front of his sisters. We witnessed it once. Totally embarrassing. After his mom tanned his butt, he had to turn around and she landed the cane on his thighs, while he had to keep his hands on his back. He jumped around, sobbing and squeaking and begging for mercy, totally ridiculous. The girls giggled and made fun of him.

To our dismay our mother was amazed, specially the spanking of the front intrigued her. Our fate was sealed. We had to undress completely and our mom spanked our bums and thighs even harder and longer than Angela. We must have looked as ridiculous as Jean before, the girls laughed out loud. Our sister was all having upper hand.

Mom decided, that the front spanking was, contrary to Angela`s habits, not only a punishment for more severe offenses but should become a regular part of any punishment. And she announced what was from now on known as The Rules in our family:

She gave our sister full spanking rights over us and we had to obey her, she ruled that we should be thrashed as often as possible even for the slightest reason. We had to buy and maintain the spanking implements ourselves. And we always had to ask for permission if we wanted to do anything.

Those were the rules and she said, that they would be valid for one year. Then we would check again if our manners had improved.

There was a question left how to deal with very tough misbehaviors from our side. Spanking the front of our thighs was standard, so there had to be something else. And she came up with a good idea. She used a wooden ruler to hit us on the balls. Well, not too hard, not damaging anything, just a short sharp slap. Very handy, very effective. About five slaps only took a few minutes but had a scenic effect. Sometimes she slapped my nuts in addition to a regular spanking. Then, when I came back from fetching the cane or the strap I realized that the ruler was lying on the table. I got week and the knees and my stomach felt sick.

I knew what was waiting for me. So I stood in front of her, one hand on my back and with the other hand lifting up my penis to get my sack in a comfortable position for her to let the ruler snap on it. It left a horrible pain and the dance I performed must have been a funny sight for the women or girls that were usually present.
It may sound that she was cruel or abusive, but she wasn´t. Most of the time all of us children felt very loved and protected by her, also us boys. She hugged and kissed us a lot and when our punishment was over, she was nice again.

And to make one thing clear, our manners completely changed for the better within that year. So after a year she called for a family meeting, asking if we should change something about the rules.

Our sister Jacky, said she didn´t mind, but she wanted to keep her spanking rights. Mom and also my brother and me supported that, so she kept the right to spank us whenever she felt like it. My mother suggested, that we could be whipped less often, but we found that it was ok to be spanked often, thinking about what positive effect it had on us. Finally mom suggested not to slap us on the nuts anymore. But we found that big offenses needed big punishment, so we proposed to keep it that way. Mom gave us a hug and said, how smart and mature our decision was, to keep the rules fully in effect. Maybe I would have changed my mind if I then already knew she would slap my sack on the same evening in front of three of her woman friends.

But when our meeting was over, we had agreed that the rules were valid for one more year. I was 14 then. Actually I lived under the rules until I was 21. So for me they remained in effect for the next seven years. And I´m thankful for that. I became a successful, friendly and humble man who has a maximum respect for women.
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So you were 13 when you started getting spanked naked and were 21 when it ended? Did it get more embarassing the older you got and the further you got into puberty?

The first time your mother spanked you and your brother which of you was the more embarassed at being forced naked? When you saw Angela spank her son Jean how old was he when that happened? You said when you were 15 or 16 you would sometimes become aroused, did you get punished more when you became aroused?

What was it like the first time you had to get naked in front of your mom and sister to be spanked, did you cry or beg to not be naked? Were you shocked when Jean ******** naked in front of you and you saw his genitals?

How embarassing was it to see Jean naked in front of you and your mom and sister being spanked until he cried? Did you and your brother both have pubic hair when you first got spanked naked?

What was it like when you and your brother got naked and your sister got to see both of your genitals and how far you both were into puberty? Did you or your brother cry the first time you got spanked, was it embarassing to be crying in front of your sister and mom?

So how did being spanked naked by your mom change you and your brother. Did you or your brother or sister get married or have any kids?

How old were you and your brother the last time you were spanked naked?

Did any of you or your brothers friends see either of you spanked naked, or were any of your friends spanked naked by your mom?

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