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The Wager


OK…I guess it’s going to fall on me to tell the sordid tale.  Heregoes…


About five years ago when my infamous ex who’s already shared with the group and I were still together, it came time for our alma maters to play each other in football.  I did my undergrad work at Louisville and he did his master’s at Tulane.  We were talking trash about who would come out on top and eventually we made a bet.  Whichever team won, the loser would have to be the slave of the other for an entire day.  Of course Tulane always sucks in football, so I was the winner.  I told him that the next Saturday when we were both off, I wanted him to serve me hand and foot, and threw in another catch…he would have to remain naked the entire day.


Honestly I think he knew that his team would lose.  I think he had an idea that he would spend a fun day serving me and playing games.  But he should have known that I was not going to make it that easy on him…  Throughout the course of the week I called a couple of girlfriends and told a friend at work about the bet…and I invited them to our house that day for a bbq.  I also told all three that they could bring as many friends as they wanted.


When the day came I got up early and ran to the store and bought some ribs and steaks and some other food.  When I got home he was up and obediently naked.  When I commanded him to marinade the food and get everything ready he really looked confused but I wouldn’t answer any of his questions.  We watched tv and just lounged all day…I did make him fetch my food and drinks and stuff but mostly we just sat on the couch cuddled up.  Until late in the afternoon when the doorbell rang…


He looked at me surprised and was even more surprised when I told him to go answer it.  He tried to argue but I told him I would have none of it and again commanded him to get the door.  He smiled a little as he swung the door open and saw my friend from work and one of her girlfriends waiting.  I was getting so turned on as I watched him let them in, watched them walk in checking out his erect package and all his goods.


My other two friends showed up and brought along a few friends as well.  When the whole amount of our guests had arrived, there were seven women and me, and my naked boyfriend in the room.  Two of the women I had never even met before!  He had to take all their drink orders and bring them to the guests, all the while without a single strand of clothing on.  We chatted for a while as I forced my slave to stand in front of the room on display for everyone.  He was a little nervous I could tell, even shaking a little, but I knew he loved it almost as much as I did…

Then came time for the cookout.  We went in our backyard where he fired up the grill while we sat around in lounge chairs and watched him.  We made him keep our drinks full in the middle of all this and we could tell we were running him to death.  We were nice enough to let him put on an apron while he was grilling.  It kinda made it even more sexy…bare *** still visible and that big bulge in the front.


Now, at the time we lived just outside the French Quarter and our houses were very close to the neighbors.  We had a privacy fence but our neighbor’s house had an elevated porch on the back.  The woman who lived there was probably in her early 60’s and had been widowed for a few years.  At one point while he was grilling she came out on the porch and saw him.  She came over to the fence and called me over.  I wasn’t too close with her and I was afraid she was going to complain or threaten to call the cops.  Instead she asked me what was going on and when I explained she laughed and asked if she could join us.  I said sure!


I think she had more fun that the rest of us!  She really got into bossing him around and was constantly looking at my merchandise.  Once when he brought her a drink, after she had gotten kinda tipsy, she even picked up his apron and took a peek underneath.  She stroked it and told him it was a nice thick ****!  My girls and me all died laughing!


When the food was ready he had to shed his apron again.  We ate and then went back inside to chat a drink some more.  We did some mean things too, like make him crawl across the floor to each of us.  One of my girlfriends had him get on all fours and used him as a footrest for a while.  When it came time to end the night, I asked them all how they thought he did and told them not to be nice.  We agreed that it could have been better, so as they left, I made him lean over the kitchen table and each one took my belt and gave him a few lashes on the *** before leaving.

My neighbor was the last to go, and she really hit him hard.  His *** was turning red.  Then she told him to stand up and kissed him on the cheek.  Then she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me.  She said she had never had so much fun and to call her next time he lost a bet too!


Once they were all gone, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I rode him hard and long until his eyes rolled back in his head and he begged for mercy.  We had a lot of crazy sexual experiences in the time we dated, but I don’t think any of them ever topped that one Saturday.  I don’t know when our two teams will play again, but when they do I’d love to make another wager! ;)

BayouPrincess BayouPrincess 26-30, F 22 Responses Sep 3, 2008

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Second time I've read this, and it was as enjoyable as the first. You tell a great story. I can almost visualize your neighbor and the whole scene. Love it!

What a story. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

If you get a chance to make another wager, this time the punishment for him losing should be that he has to let you lock him up in a male chastity device (like the CB-6000). When the weekend is over, make sure to send him back home all locked up. Over the next few weeks keep tabs on how he's doing and if he starts to waver, tease him mercilessly to get his engines roaring again. You can keep a man on the edge indefinitely that way. Sweet torture.

Oh my god what an amazing experience and such a vivid fantacy of mine. I want this to happen so much to me that it hurts!!!

Did it really happen ?or simply a story<br />
<br />
If it did happen then you should go to a Psychologist<br />
<br />
because this type of behaviour is called Sadism......

Lucky guy, best bet he ever lost.

Having been kept naked by an older woman, I really appreciate the story!

Nice story. I would have worn an apron ALL day if it had been me.

Enjoyed your story. Wish I was one of your girlfriends or neighbors that day. Sounds like it was fun for all!

Great story!!!

Fabulous story!

wow. what a fukin hot story. <br />
<br />
you should have made him do more. like maybe made him give you all foot massages.<br />
<br />
or maybe dance like a ******** would while all the girls groped and teased his ****.<br />
<br />
i need a woman like you

sounds like you and the girls had fun.. I also suspect that your partner had a ball as well.. cant wait to let my wife win a bet and use me as her slave...

I really felt that i was on his place.But i didnt like the hitting with the belt.I can serve all the girls with my complete heart and co** and hands.

Excellent story.

ha ha wow ur crazy girl!i woulda went to that party!!

i would have loved to have been him, just for several minutes

What an awesome story... I'm sure he wanted to loose the bet, but don't think he knew what he was in for.

Ha ha ha that's me; I'm him and I'd probably lose on purpose too. I love it.

WOW he he<br />
Hey I wanted to send you a couple of links but apparently now you have to pay money to send someone with an adult profile a message??? Message me a way to get the links to you; you'll enjoy them. I tried whiteboard but couldn't find that either!<br />

That is a riot! I would be so embarrassed (bare assed). Did only the one lady give it a little tug?

Damn... wish I could lose a bet with you!!!