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The Girls Kept Me Naked

So there I was, in a house, my clothes had been taken, I was shaved of my pubic hair, I had never felt more naked in my life.  However, I did not mind it.  In fact, I loved it.  I loved it when the girls touched my shaved area, and stroked my shaft.  They loved having a toy to play with: me. 

The girls for the most part remained clothed.  I would continue to do my house keeping chores and my work in the backyard.  All while totally naked.  I still would take and occasional dip in the pool.  The girls would swim naked with me when they were in the mood.  But I was the naked one and they were generally clothed.

Sarah really liked to see me get sexually aroused.  She would play with my **** whenever I was near her.  One time, she saw that I was semi-hard.  She called Margret over to watch as she jacked me off.  I was nearing the point of no return when Margret took off her top and let me spurt onto her breasts.  I could not believe how good it felt to have that release brought about by Sarah.

Then Sarah told me that I had to lick it off of Margret.  Margret asserted her desire for me to do that too.  I was amazed at how I felt in total submission to these women.  I started to lick and suck on her nipples and to lick up the *** that I had squirted onto her.  I was getting more and more aroused as I cleaned up my mess.  The girls noticed how quickly I recovered and was soon hard again. I felt the desire to continually please them.  I would do what ever they wanted.

I loved being naked for them.

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I N V U - Great story. Don't you wish you could turn back time & relive the day again and again and again...

That sounds like a fantasy life *** true to me

I did not think I was, but I quickly fell into the spell of a woman telling me what to do. It was as if I had no resistance to say no or to try to hide my nakedness or desire to do what they wanted. <br><br />
<br><br />
There were other times that followed where I had to do similar acts.

You seem to be a very obedient submissive *smiles*

A hot, sexy story! I am looking forward to having experiences like that!