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Caught With a Morning Erection

Last year I had a co-worker who was living with me. She was very hot, 5' 8", blonde, size 8 I would guess with C's. We shared a two bedroom condo for almost two years. We are comfortable around each other to the point I wear boxers around the house and she wears t-shirts and panties.

One morning I thought she had gone to work (usually around 6 AM) and I slept in till 9. I woke and went to the kitchen to make coffee. My plan was to let the coffee brew while I showered. Since the two bathrooms are ajoined to each bedroom I usually walk around my room naked. This morning was no different and knowing she left, I walked to the kitchen nude. As with every morning I had a full morning hard on. I am shaved too.

As I was in the kitchen I didn't know that my roommate had come home shortly after 7 because she was not feeling well. She was laying on the sofa (in her usual t-shirt and cotton panties) which allows you to see into the kitchen and Dinning room. She never said a word as I walked around full erect even touching it and my balls now and then.

When I turned to go back to my bedroom, she said morning! I jumped not knowing anyone was there. We started laughing and I wasn't actually embarrassed. She said she often wondered what I looked like naked and now she knows. She also said she never would have thought that I was shaved and that I was much bigger/thicker than she imagined too though I am not that well endowed. I was still fully erect.

I went to my room and while I showered I jerked off. It was incredible seeing her see me. I wish I had thought of doing that intentionally before. I think she *********** too while I was showering because when I came back out, in my boxers this time, she had a different colored panties on and smiling.

Orlandofun Orlandofun 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 4, 2009

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WOW!!! Bet that was amazing..