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In The Shower


Another nice experience I had recently was at a swimming pool in a hotel I was staying in. One afternoon I was having a swim and all that was there was a young boy and girl in the kiddies pool and their mum was looking on fully clothed. A nice looking girl about my own age or a little older.   Just as I was leaving they began to leave also. The mum and daughter went into the ladies changing room and the boy came into the mens shortly after me.   I removed my shorts to shower and just as I stepped into the cubical the mother came in asking her son was he ok or did he need a hand. I thought to myself wow this woman is after walking into the mens changing room without a care in the world and I’m completely naked and about to shower. I was just placing down my shampoo when she looked my way and apologised saying “o my god I’m so sorry” “oh don’t worry, its ok” I said, hehe   She sat next to her son helping him get ready and kept looking at me as I showered. It was extremely exciting to have a woman watch you shower. I took my time to lather myself turning my back to her as I massaged my *** and turned around again facing her as I massaged my **** as she looked at me now and then.   When I got out of the shower I walked to where my towel and clothes were but just took my swim shorts and wrung them out in the gully trap in the middle of the floor. At this stage I had my *** stuck out towards her. I had to think of a way to chat to her so when I was done I asked her did she know what time the gym opened at. She told me it only opened in the evenings but I didn’t care……   We got chatting as I stood in front of her naked. She then told her son to see if his sister was ready so he left. I could feel my **** starting to grow as it was right in front of her face. Now that it was just the two of us I didn’t care that I had an erection.   I said to her “imagine if someone came in and seen you talking to me naked…..” “not just naked” she said pointing at my erection and smiling.   Eventually she said “thanks for making my day, id better go” and off she went.   So all in all it was a very enjoyable shower.
husky199911 husky199911 36-40, M 11 Responses Nov 23, 2009

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This is such a great experience, I wish something like this would happen to me, but it woudln't even have to be as much as this. I've only had 1 cfnm experience, and that too when I was a small child. The mere action of a woman stumbling in and seeing me shower for a few seconds would be enough for me. Let alone an entire conversation and seeing an erection...

But this story also highlights the extensive double standards in nudity. Imagine a father taking his young daughter to the pool. If he needed to check on his daughter, would that be acceptable? No. He'd get charged with sex offenses the moment he walks into the ladies shower room.

great story. i would love trading places with you.

God, I wish something like this would happen to me. But I wonder how she would have responded if you asked her "what if the roles were reversed?"

Why cant I find any pools like that? Just hoping for a chance for some CFNM but none comes my way;

Has any guy ever imagined what it would be like to get fr<x>amed for a Bernie Madoff situation by four gorgeous females, then spend the rest of your life in prison, while they steal ALL your money? You can not prove it! They get to visit you in prison and tease you about what they did!!! If it is a national security FISA/ Bernie Madoff case, then he will be in isolation from the rest of the inmate poplutaion. If he had a lot of money, they get to bribe prison officials in order to make the tease even more exquisite. They can see you buck naked behind bars and make it even more of tantalizng situation! All you need is to agree to be part of dermatological experiment wher they scan ALL your skin with lasers. They get to wtach the nude scan!!! They get to tease him that he is stuck in prison for life and they got to steal his money and are enjoying his money! I love the forbidden fruit motiff!!!

A great story! I hope that I have an experience like that someday!

Wow that is so hot, I have had that fantasy for such a long time. Where I go swim there is no door to men's locker room and you can hear voices out in the hall way, I always hope some little kid would run in and the mom would just naturally chase after the child and see me naked!! But to have a woman watch you take an entire shower and talk to you while staying nude would be the ultimate experience, no blow job necessary maybe just a few tugs on my ****.

man that was cool i always ended up beung laughed at when i got seen naked

those rumors are true! bernie madoff is driven wild with unsatisfied curiosity every minute of every day. kenneth lay and jeff skilling got a similar offer but turned it down. ken lay could not wait to die another day. jeff skilling kept his mouth shut out of fear. he is in for life.<br />
kenneth lay was in for a treat had he kept his mouth shut about **** cheney and halibruton and their secret deals in the cayman islands with the iranian regime.<br />
female prison guards are not all butch types . some are very serious but feminine, and have nice curves that they like to show off while the naked male inmates shower in front of them. some like to stare intently at the nude males in the showers. some smile when they see the males clothed after they have seen them totally nude. ( i know what u look like with all your clothes off. ) it is much better when they do not allow male inmates to see any nudity, so that the only women they see are ALWAYS FULLY CLOTHED.

There are rumors on embassy row that Bernie Madoff struck a deal to keep his mouth shut about the SEC and insider trading in return for spending the rest of his life behind bars where young and cute female prison guards can watch him shower fully nude and tease him about it.<br />
Apprently Madoff's network also included banks and financial institutions that are used to funnel money to westren intelligence assets. <br />
This reminds me of the infamous case of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in the late 80s and early 90s. Apparently female prison guards in federal prisons are allowed to watch naked male inmates shower?<br />
It must be a VERY tantalizing situation to be in for life and have female guards taunt and tease almost every day?

It reminds me something that happened to me at the locker of my gym.