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Spy Satellites And Nudity

There is a developing story of an incident that took place in the early part of '98, when a female art instructor had a nude male model pose privately at her home. Her husband was present for part of the pose and everything remained very professional. That made the incident even much more tantalizing for the nude male model. She is a very attractive blonde women who looks super-hot in tight blue jeans, and she has piercing sky-blue eyes.

However, she had the nude male model pose in front of a huge open window with extremely bright lights outside--it was at night--- that left it a total mystery as to whether her neighbors and others with cameras or statellite equipment might have watched the 3 hour nude poses. She insisted on paying for the pose even though the male model was more than happy to pose for FREE! She paid for two three-hour poses at 13 $ per hour. ( Three is a very special number in the American intelligence community.)

There are rumors that the Clinton adminstration and Valerie Plame were behind this incident. Valerie Plame is rumored to have watched it live and recorded the incident in order to be shared in total secrecy from the nude male model.

However, I think it is much more tantalizing for women to paint draw, sculpt, or photograph naked men while remaining totally professional about the experience. Furthermore, it is much more tantalizing to develop a good rapport and a strictly platonic friendship between the female artist and her nude male model. Light social settings where the female artist can socialize in a platonic fashion with a man they get see fully naked on regular basis would drive any man WILD! This procedure was NOT followed in this incident, which leads me to believe that the application was strictly for technological reasons, and not for human intelligence gathering.

I will share more information about this incident as soon as more facts become available.


It appears that the Chinese Ministry of State Security has infomred the Central Intelligence Oraganiztaion of Zimbabwe that they have more complete info on this incident. A certain women named Mira, who worked at Santa Monica City College and has ties to Mossad, knew that this male model would be caught naked while he posed nude for a reputable female artist. Mira was told by the model that he was going to pose for the female artist, and she remained totally silent so that he would get caught on film for various people to watch and record LIVE! She had him pose fully nude on a podium with both arms up in the air and his right foot dangling off the podium. It  is a rather amusing tape to watch beacuse the nude male model is so helpless and vulnerable while posng for her. She made sure that her backyard was very well lit so the secret cameras could grab every second of this pose in detail. She painted the nude model as a naked angel with wings spread apart,  fllying up into space. The painting  of this pose lasted for hours and the secret audience got to watch and record at their liesure. They no doubt got ample opportunity to see him naked front and back even though it was frontal pose.

It was in either February or Mrach of '98, and the nude male model has only been allowed to have very subtle and cryptic "HINTS" as to who got to watch and who did not. Eventually all the principal players will reveal to him who they are and what they saw, but they will only reveal about 5-10% of the total number of people who have seen it. Eleven years have passed and the video has had a wide viewing over the years, so it is impossible to determine just how many people got a gander at it. Many copies have been made and/or burned to CDs. I would venture to guess that the male model is a good sport about such a thing? We have a good reliable source that the people who got to watch were rather amused by it. They  even found it amusing that they had advanced knowledge of what they were going to watch, but the Clinton adminisration had the incident sealed and shrouded in mystery so that they could not inform this nude model about what they wrere going to watch in secret.

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I think HW Charamba has been smoking way too much medical marijuana? Meghan Daum and the C alifronia I nstitute of A RT pop up when you google her. Meghan Daum smiles in her public photos because she LOVES Amazon.Com!!! Norah O' Donnell, Susie Gharib, Michelle Tuzee, Campbell Brown, Kate Snow, Suzanne Pratt, Stephanie Dhue, Diane Eastabrook, Christiane Amanpour, Mishal Husain, Elizabeth Vargas, Dhalgit Daliwal...I could identify scores of member in this network of Amazon.Com women. Elizabeth Vargas is especially funny because Meghan Daum works for the LA Times. The LA Times was running an add by Elizabeth Shutters that leaked this secret video for Amazon.Com in code. The Elizabeth Shutters ads NEVER show the feet of the female model. Meghan Daum found it extremely amusing. The LA Times was running this ad in 2003-2004. Many assets planted in deep cover world wide can be contacted in secret using the editorial staff of major media networks. Sort of how the Russians were using steganography?

The Clinton administration has links to crack cocaine via Roger Clinton and Rosario Gambino and Tommy Gambino. This dude had inside info about the Gambinos operating with the help of LAPD Westside Division. There was a crack neighborhood near Marina Del Rey and Venice in the late 90s. This dude was dropping info on the network and the Clintons thought it would be fun to tantalize and tease with Lynne Berry's forbidden fruit tease. The American intelligence community shares many of the same bankers that organized criminal organiztaions use to launder money. The Clintons thought it would be amusing to make sure that the people he was giving info to, would get to watch him pose nude and record it for amusement at pot parties.They made sure to pose him naked with his right foot lower than his left. The Italian peninsula is wearing a boot( shoe?) and "kicking" the island of Sicily. Valerie Plame especially enjoyed watching because she has connections to those banks. She also loves the Lynne Berry "forbidden fruit" tease. Meghan Daum of the LA Times has a book where she taunts and teases the same nude model in a secret Da Vinci type code. The Quality of Life Report has a female model showing her bare right foot. Meghan Daum draws attention to her eyes in the book. Check out the book or buy it. Meghan Daum will get to have him sign her book as a way to further tantalize the nude male model. Google Meghan Daum and the C alifornia A rt I nstitute will pop up. The women mentioned here have a secret "Amazon.Com" fetish, where catching naked men in secret and tantalizing them with their fully clothed bodies turns the women on. Meghan Daum and Valerie Plame are part of this network. It also makes lots of revenue by showing these fetish films to the ultra-wealthy women of Asia and the Middle East.

I have yet to see the bathing video but I am thrilled to know he was captured in such a compromising situation!<br />
I'm also delighted to know the SAME individual was given advanced knolwedge of the nude scene so she could watch. I'm sure she found it entertaining. I'm not so sure how the intelligence community got involved in this? I have heard rumors that more was filmed with the same model running around naked on a beach in Malibu, and then going for a naked swim. I will make sure to ask around. <br />
If you google images of Elizabeth Vargas, you will notice one image where she is sitting down smiling with her legs crossed. Her right foot is NOT visible and she is wearing clothes with sound eqiuipment attached. She bares her knees. (The K is always silent when we say KNEES. ) She is also wearing a WATCH and showing her wedding ring. I have been told this is some secret code for the nude angel pose. She was one of those that got to watch the naked male model posing for the female artist. Her husband approves because the women ALWAYS remain FULLY clothed!<br />
I am not sure why Elizabeth Vargas was allowed to watch and record? Maybe the male model knows and he is being teased beyond belief!? Maybe something about Elizabeth Vargas watching his nude angel pose unbearabley embarrassing? She did the Da Vinci Code on 11/3/2003. She made sure to raise her bare hand up to her face while doing the interview. She found the naked angel pose amusing and fun!?

i wonder if lynne berry was also aware that the same male model might have been secretly caught on camera posing nude for two different female photographers in two seprate incidents where he bathed in a bathtub? the same individual that ms. berry mentions above was told by nsa taps of the pose in advance . she watched with great amusement. like the spy satellite incident, she had advanced knowledge of the nude pose and was extremely amused that this time she would get to watch him naked taking a bath, and not just as nude model. he was all wet, naked and covered with soap at one point. she found this concept hysterically funny. he had no clue he was going to be caught like this, and that she would get to watch in secret. clinton adminstration officials would have no problems keeping it secret, because the people who had advanced knowledge were delighted by what was going to be recorded for their entertainment. others were also invited to watch and record. mossad has not been very straight with us about the exact details. however, it is one of the funniest clothed female/nude male-themed poses. this mira woman at santa monica college was having an affair with a mossad contract agent. he told her in advance of what was transpiring, but mira kept it secret from the nude male model.

i was one of the individuals who has seen this cfnm pose. it was done very carefully and with a lot of thoughtful cleverness. i got to tease the male model once, so he got the message about what i saw. i never told him directly, but i made sure to show up wearing super-tight blue jeans and i made sure he got to see me squat and bend over lot. <br />
i'm surpised by the crudeness of some stories. cfnm needs to be refined. it is NOT and experince to degrade men, but to tempt them and deny them forbidden fruit. that is what we did with this male model in particular. he will NEVER know what is inside the blue jeans i wore. he will NEVER see anything and i know for a fact this will drive him crazy! i think he was also sent a message that, like icarus, he got toooooo close to the sun. instead of making it a negative experience we made it a tease. he knows what he did and why he was "captured" naked, and why it was shown to a certain individual for fun and amusement. EYES ONLY! it will remain VEILED for a while, and then he will get official confirmation, but only AFTER it has had a good and thorough viewing! that official confrimation will be VERY embarrassing, but also VERY amusing...

what !!