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Young Female Doctor

A few years back I had to go to hospital for a hernia operation.  I won't go into the gory details.  Suffice to say it was a pretty horrible experience, but one very interesting thing happened during my stay which I still think about now.

Before the operation I was called to an office for a pre-op examination.  I assumed this would be a ho-hum routine exam done by a male doctor with gruff but friendly bedside manner (that's the stereotype in these situations).  Instead I was surprised to discover a young, fairly good looking female doctor.  She was slim and small and of Indian extraction it appeared.  She didn't seem particularly friendly, just no nonsense but obviously still a trainee doctor of some kind.  Maybe they use this exam as some kind of initiation for new doctors and she drew the short straw on this occasion. 

 She asked some standard questions and entered the details on a form in front of her, barely glancing up as she filled it in.  Then she surprised me by asking me to remove my trousers and show her where I was to be operated on.  My hernia was in the groin area (making my balls look a little swollen but otherwise not too bad), so I removed my trousers and underwear, leaving my shirt on.  She moved her chair closer to take a close up look at the area in question.  As you can probably guess, this was when my **** decided that the situation was unbelievably erotic, and started to grow.  And grow.  First it was pointing downwards, and growing longer, but still downwards.  This was almost acceptable (honest, Your Honor!) I guess, but it was at this point that she moved even closer to study the area intensely.

She had that same no nonsense expression on her face that was all business, even though she was inches from my still growing erection.  Believe it or not, she then chose to ask me a couple more questions, all the while staring at my groin with a rampant **** obscuring her view.  Remember, I was standing up and she was sitting down, on a chair with wheels, having pushed it over to me to get a closer view.  From my point of view, this is about as erotic a situation as it gets!

The further questions made me even bigger.  My erection now rose up to the horizontal.  I was poking straight ahead!  I tried to bend over slightly to disguise it, but I couldn't hide it, so ended up giving up.  Now she had a slight smile on her face, I think (though I couldn't be sure).  She was certainly still studying the area closely, although I noticed she had stuck her pencil in her mouth (maybe subconsciously?).  I think to this day, it was the biggest and hardest erection I've ever had.  By this time it was poking upwards.

She was almost finished with me when (you're not going to believe this), someone knocked on the door and she said 'come in'.  Wow!  She didn't consult me, although I didn't mind of course  I loved it.  It was a woman at the door - an admin assistant.  I had my back to the door so she didn't see my **** I don't think, although she may have seen the **** head from the side, seeing it was so big that day. Anyway she handed the doctor something and left, then the doctor told me to pull my pants up.  She thanked me and I left.

I saw her again after the operation when a group of 4 or 5 trainee doctors came to see me to check on progress.  Needless to say, I wasn't in much of a horny mood after the operation, but I noticed she gave me a big smile and what almost looked like a wink.  What a woman! And what a great experience!  Mind you, I hope never to go to a hospital again if I can help it.

Peteaus Peteaus 51-55, M 10 Responses Feb 16, 2010

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At least you're honest and up front! Funny story. --DW

Thanks. I was certainly 'up front' that day! And ever since whenever I think about it.

Awesome!!! So glad I'm not a guy, everyone would think I'm aroused all the time! lol

Thanks Michelle. It's not always easy being a guy. We're just too damned obvious. (It was a lot of fun though!)

great story

I love it.I've had similar things happen

That's a cool story! Something weird & vulnerable about it. I guess you couldn't go jack off or anything due to the operation? That's rough!

What a shame she didnt shave you for your op as well, that would have turned you on even more

hot story!

Good story! I had a left inguinal hernia in 1985; unfortunately, now I have a double. That is another story.

My post hernia op check up was with a young Indian female doctor. She asked me to get on the couch and show me the operation site. So I dropped my trousers and underpants. She looked first, then started to feel all around my lower abdomen and groin asking if it hurt at all. I tried to hang the conversation out a bit but she was soon finished and told me to get dressed again.

They say the odds are ten thousand to one for a repeat hernia, unless, like me, the weakness is genetic. I've had five repairs over the years.