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Afternoon With Mother In Law

Hi I'm Ken. I just wanted to talk about my only CFNM experience. I knew this girl called Sarah some years ago, I was 21. She was 26. We were kind of seeing each other, it was casual enough, she wasn't really inclined to commit but we would go out on dates and that kind of thing. I was staying over at her house one night after we'd been out, well it was her mother Annette's house but Sarah lived there with her, and we went upstairs when we got in to make love. We always made love with her on top, I wouldn't have minded some variety, but Sarah preferred it that way. That is to say she insisted on being on top. I didn't mind to much, it was and is one of my favourite positions. Well we made love anyways as always and drifted off after that I guess.

Well the next day I guess it was sometime after twelve, I woke to the normal background noises of the TV downstairs, footsteps around the house and voices; Sarah was already up and talking to her mother. After a bit she came into the room with a cup of tea and said 'don't you think it's about time you got up'. I wasn't crazy about the idea but I sat up and took the cup from Sarah and she handed me a cig, I was still smoking at the time. 'Me Ma's got some grub on for you'. She smiled at me, she was very sweet you know. After I drank the tea and smoked the cigarette, I rolled out of bed and looked for my clothes. They weren't on the floor where I'd thrown them the night before. Sarah had obviously tidied the room. 'Can you get me my jeans and that babe', I said. 'Oh you won't be needing those', she said. 'We have the heating on and you won't be going out today'. I smirked, one thing about Sarah she had a great sense of humour. 'Yeah, imagine your mother, she would probably faint with the shock if I landed downstairs naked', I laughed. 'She's 49 years old, she's seen a few naked men before, she assures me she can handle it'. The look on her face and her body language generally sort of told me she was not actually joking. She just looked at me really calmly, almost blankly as if waiting patiently for the penny to drop. Her mother was calling up the stairs now. 'Sarah get that gossun downstairs, his lunch is getting cold'. I can't remember if my mouth was hanging open but I was feeling kind of dumbfounded. Sarah took me by the hand and led me out the door saying something about 'not keeping Ma waiting'. My head was in a spin because I hadn't ever really done anything out of the ordinary with anyone before then, things had always been pretty mundane. And now out of nowhere I was being told to march downstairs and tip about the place in the nip. Not just in front of my girlfriend, which would have been edgy enough, but in front of her mother too. Who apparently was happy enough with the concept. My head was in a spin, this was loops. The loopiest thing about it was I had been around her Ma's every other day for ages, this wasn't some stranger.

Sarah led me into the kitchen and there was her mother with her back to me, and me without a frigger on me. I knew she was about to turn around at any instant and my heart was in my mouth. Was she actually in on it or was Sarah having a laugh at both of us (well me mostly). Without looking at her I knew Sarah was reveling at my discomfort. I wasn't sure whether I wanted Annette to be a party to this or not. Either she was and the two of them were going to sneer the hell out of me or she wasn't and she would kick me out of the house or scream it down first. Neither seemed a particularly rosy scenario. I felt a little stunned and Sarah just standing beside me grinning. Anyway Annette turned round and looked me up and down and with a big smile on her face she said 'well fair play to ya Sarah, you've got a yourself a grand gossun this time'. 'Ah he's not to bad', said Sarah. For my part I was relieved Annette was not going mental but at the same time I felt acute embarrassment at the situation I was in. And yet for all of that, and this was confusing to me at the time, I felt a bit of a rush like I was a little turned on. 'Sit down there and eat your lunch Kenny and don't be going red like that'. Annette was enjoying my predicament too. 'Arra he's shockin' cute when he blushes Sarah, isn't he'. They were both laughing now. I was happy enough that it was only a light snack because I wasn't particularly hungry. When I was finished Annette said I could put the plate and cup in the sink and wash up while I was at it. I did loads of housework that day. Washing, ironing, hoovering, a bit of dusting with my two jovial companions in toe every step of the way, issuing instructions and delivering a few playful slaps across my arse here and there, laughing at my expense. I spent the next few hours trying to figure out if I was more ashamed or exhilarated. I guess I was a healthy dose of both.

It was well on in the evening when my clothes were returned, Annette was heading out to her evening mass, Sarah and I were heading over to my mate's place. We were heading out with him and his girlfriend that evening. As we drove across town Sarah suddenly burst out laughing. 'What?'. 'What if Mike and Caroline knew', she said. I felt queasy. We were together for about four months after that. She never said a word to any of my friends about it, but sometimes she would drop hints to me over it in front of them and watch me shift nervously. Boy did she enjoy that! I could never relax as I don't know how I'd handle the shame if she would have told anyone. Look I was 21 and way more self-conscious back then. I also didn't know how I'd react if they wanted a repeat performance, I seriously couldn't decide if I dreaded it or craved it. Her mother would smile at me sometimes when I'd be round, in a sneery sort of way. Either ways I didn't have to face the dilemma as a second show was never requested. My relationship with Sarah fizzled out the following Spring, at her behest. 10 years on and it's still the most aroused I think I've ever been.

Vespasian1979 Vespasian1979 31-35, M 6 Responses Mar 24, 2010

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Great Fun!

That was a great story. Sounds like everyone had fun!

HAHAHAHA! Very funny. Envy you! :)

Interesting story. I understand the "sneery smile" that your girlfriends mother was giving you. My mother-in-law got a good look at me in the nude a few years ago (in much different circumstances) and I think she behaves differently with me after that. It's a bit hard to put my finger on though..

Thanks lads yeah I think about that day quite a lot. I never saw it coming and I haven't been lucky enough to experience anything like it since. The control they had, that was the thing.

women, some of the thing they makes us do! LOL