I Used To Work In A Charity Shop

Twelve years ago, I was undiagnosed with what later turned out to be epilepsy. I couldn't get a paid job because of health and safety reasons, so because I was slowly going out of my mind with nothing to do, I volunteered to work in a charity shop for a while until my health stabilised. It was an interesting time when I learnt a lot about people and the way the world is.

There were so many interesting people who came into that shop, after a while you became quite adept at knowing what sort of person they were and what they wanted. There were the stressed out mums who would come in with four or five children in tow, happy when they picked up a bargain, and lonely old pensioners who really just came in for a chat but used to pretend to shop. There were middle- aged men in faded t-shirts. They came in for a quick scan over the ornaments and pottery section, hopeful to find an antique they could sell on to make a profit. Then there were the women who were said to have "married Money" who came in to donate clothes. They had nothing better to do in the day than go shopping so there was always really nice clothes, designer shoes and handbags in their bags. You wouldn't believe what some people throw away!

There was also a tramp called Bert who used to come into the shop when he wanted something new to wear. He didn't have money but would spend ages rooting through the clothes anyway. He would do this everyday until my manager would get fed up with him because he wasn't clean and would make the shop smell. She used to give him a razor, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush and kit him out with some new clothes just because she didn't want him to keep coming into the shop! It was charity in more ways than one and it was amazing to see how Bert transformed when he got cleaned up and in his new clothes. It's just a shame that he didn't stay that way and would always came back after a few weeks looking just as bad again.

I think charity shops probably attract the most interesting people in the country and I always think fondly of my time there.
RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
36-40, F
Aug 12, 2010