I Miss Her So Much

you know, I don't know how often in life you are touched and affected in a good way by someone you don't personally know. It's just that after all these years, when I was a soldier, a carpenter, and now a maintenance man I still break out my Charly music or I listen to her on line and watch videos of her, and I feel just like I did the first time I heard her sing. When I was a soldier in Germany, me and friends would be having a beer and listen to Charly, some of us was from Florida, New York, Tennessee and who knows where else, but we would really listen to Charly and enjoy rare sunny days in Germany, listening to the most beautiful voice on this earth. One day, while stationed in Germany, it was the weekend, and of course us soldiers were having some beer and playing cards etc, and I just casually mentioned out loud, " I wish to God in heaven I could hear Charly Mcclain sing." A friend on mine named Welch from Florida says" I have two cassetts of her in my room" so I said Go get them.  Damn, we had a good evening, our whole room was listening to this angel from Tennessee. My friend Babcock, from New York, had one tape, so I recorded all three of them, went to post library, found three or four more of her albums and checked them out, took them back to barracks, recorded them, and I had a pretty good selection of Charly to do me for those two years in Germany.  We listened to everything from Grand Funk Railroad, to Elvis, but Charly was our pride and joy. I'm 53 now, and she is still just wonderful as was then, I miss her. Darrrell

darzaymar darzaymar
Mar 26, 2010