Locked For Her Enjoyment.

I've been into bondage and CBT toys for a long time. I've been wanting to have my **** locked in a chastity device for the last few years to curb my constant ******* off habit. I also have a plastic and butt plug fetish and my favorite activity until recently was to strap in a plug, put on my plastic pants, add a **** harness and go out. Later I would wear these items to bed and remove the harness and jerk off, sleeping in the mess. This has all come to an end recently since I recieved my all metal locking **** cage. I've been trying to convince my wife that there would be many advantages to her sex life if she were to keep me locked up. We started this process a few weeks ago and I finially got the device I've been looking into for months. My new Chastity cage locks in place and can not be removed without the key. While there are a few vent holes in the cage, it totally prevents me from getting any stimulation to my ****. We have been using this new cage for about a week. I have not gotten any relief since it was installed, even though it has been removed twice so I can have sex but I am not allowed to come yet. I feel this device has made me a much better lover and my wife agrees so far. She is the keyholder and only removes the cage when she wants to. I expect to increase the time I am locked up to several weeks at a time and maybe even longer. I like the feeling that she is in complete control of my pleasure. She has really taken to her new role pretty quick and has indicated that tomorow if I am a good boy, she will let me get off if I agree to clean it up. I'm looking forward to longer locked periods as long as I am allowed to pleasure her on a regular basis. Needless to say, my days of jacking off in my plastic shorts are probably over, unless my wife allows it.
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

That is great and no doubt your wife loves being the key holder too, keeping you locked and knowing that you can't pleasure yourself for up to 5 weeks at a time.

I've switched to a CB-6000 and have been locked for periods of up to 5 weeks at a time.