Just locked up a couple hours ago, and wow...

This is something I have not done before.  I have actually sent the photo of the combination to my key lockbox wherein, is locked the key for my Chastity Belt ... (excuse, me... I am going to get a drink ..) ...

OK ... I'm back; my locked up penis and testicles are all throbbing inside this heavy steel belt (take a look at what a Carrara looks like; google it) ... ummm ok ...

 how long I have to stay locked in this Belt ... this Full Stainless Steel Chastity Belt (be my friend, and you can see exactly what I'm locked inside) ... ohhh ... oh my ... here it goes again ... and now my right ball is aching for release ... I can't see, or touch my **** or balls, they are all contained inside this marvelous Belt ... ohhh ... and, to anticipate ... what kind of time might be added to my stay inside this Belt, from you, if you go to that url  ... I must get some sleep now ...

My **** is looking forward to seeing lots of visits to that url ... (have no idea who goes there, but I can see that somebody has been there every time there is a visit, and an adjustment to my time) ... every time it happens, my **** gets all excited, and starts to throb a whole bunch ... and it is just so ... so sweet ..

...thank you :)

... so, I'm really stuck inside this Beast ... and my **** is loving it ... throbbing like crazy ....  lots of pre-*** leaking out.  It has my head all hazy inside from the arousal factor ... :)  just about all I can think of, is my horny ****.  What I did, was:  I unlocked and removed the belt before leaving for my doctor's appointment.  Cleaned up my body a bit... took some pic's so I could remind myself what my **** and balls look like after I lock them back up! I came home, and put the belt onto my **** and balls, wrapped the waist band around my waist, and slid the waist band halves into the locking mechanism, and ...CLICK!!!  ... My **** is throbbing now, as I write this ... feels great ... I love it when my **** throbs.

What I did: I got a key lockbox, I set the combination (without looking), take a picture,  I then close/lock the keys into the lockbox, and (without looking at the numbers on the combination dial ---which takes a very deliberate effort!)  ... I delete all the photo files .. and the email that contained the photo of the lockbox combination  then ... I am really locked inside this wonderful Carrara...  so, it looks like being locked 24/7 except for my doctor appts, and periodic cleaning and shaving ... ... just thinking ... if I am feeling "weak" that day ... I would have to tell KH, and postpone belt removal for a day when I am not weak, and know that I could remove belt, clean up me and the belt, shave, and do it all without stroking myself ...   right now, I don't think I could trust myself.  If I were out of the belt now, I'd be stroking myself ... oooohhhh  
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

I just tried the Roulett option and would love to know what that did for you!

LOL ... well, I would have had to check the remaining time immediately before and immediately after your Roulette option to find out how it changed my time; there have been other adjustments to my time, so I cannot tell what your adjustment did. Right now, I have been to the tanning bed. Since I'm now locked, I'm tanning with the belt on, so I'll have some really strange tan lines! But, I'm not going to stop using the month of tanning I just paid for, just because I'm locked in this belt! ... guess I'll have to kinda start over again if/when I get out of this belt.

oh this is great, I'm so stimulated by your perdiciment I'm tempted to sign up myself and let others torment me!