My husband has been locked in a chastity device for more than a year now and I am -very- happy about it. It adds a whole new level of trust to our relationship, and it's made our sex life (=my satisfaction) much better.

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Wanna chaste me too im looking for a keyholder:)

Thanks for your replies, everyone. If you'd like to contact me directly I can be found at Thanks!

you sound like a perfect keyholder, is theere any chance you become a keyholde for me? I am looking for a very long time arrangement love dopydate4u

To everyone wanting more details: <br />
<br />
I was 23 when I locked my husband up for the first time. I was going away on vacation with a guy friend and didn't want him to have the same freedom I was enjoying. <br />
<br />
I've always been very dominant, and my husband is naturally submissive. It was a good fit for us. I enjoy talking dirty to him, telling him he isn't good enough and that he doesn't deserve me, and he loves playing that role. <br />
<br />
I also indulge his other BDSM fantasies - he dresses up in frilly little outfits and cooks and cleans for me, and I tie him down and use him, discipline him when he's not performed adequately. <br />
<br />
I've suggested chastity devices to my girl friends and they don't take it seriously. :( <br />
<br />
I love our chastity play, and I feel like it's given new depth and a deeper level of trust to our marriage.

You are an amazing women, and your hubby is a very lucky boi !!

that is nice to hear<br />
yes for thouse startin into chastity it does make the husband or bf more attentive towards you n doing more things to make you happy for no reason<br />
an the sex life will grow so much more<br />
when did you first put him in chastity must been young age<br />
i have been in chastity for lover 10 years myself 24/7 my wife gets all the enjoyment ****** so many times she has not ad multi ****** since i was not unlock<br />
she gets the control an enjoyment i do nothing get nothing in return just pat on head or butt<br />
have not had pentrative sex in long time

My first chastity device was 15 years ago and at that time with a new Mistress it was a trust issue. Now Mistress L loves the total control she has over her penis that she owns. I really can not even touch it, and of course can not have an ****** unless L removes the CB-3000 we use. She keeps teasing me and telling me how much she loves owning me and the control she has over me

Glad to hear you enjoy your CB3000. Have you ever considered wearing a full stainless steel chastity belt (one which totally encases your p3nis, and balls, and you CANNOT even SEE your p3nis or balls? That gives you another dimension, having not even seen your p3nis for (however long you are locked up!)???

How did you get your wife to become your key holder?

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Ketamine, how did you become your husbands key holder?

Ketamine, how did you become your husbands key holder?

Such a lucky hubby!

This is interesting....I'd like to hear more about this....SS

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add me sweetie