By chatting online you have the possiblity to getting know interesting people from the whole world. That´s just great!
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Likewise, it's a great way to expand our horizons.

Yes, it is.

Me 2 are the messages to people in your circle private? New to EP

Yes. Messages to people in your circle are private except you put them on the whiteboard.

First of all: You are welcome to EP! :-)
Secondly: Yes. The messages which you send to people in your circle are private.

yes it is !

I agree one of the reasons I joined this site to find interesting people to chat with

It is, and the fact that it is so easy to get along with each other no matter what country just goes to show you that wars and tension between nations is purely contrived by by politicians and companies, not us, the masses. We really should all do something about it someday.

hope you find people who can touch your heart or help you grow a better person.

You can grow people now? 😲 Like in your house or a field? 😮

yes few grow old and few fool..

i was just kidding no offense.. Mr Nice Guy

None taken fellow nice.

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